FNC Entertainment Releases Official Apology To Kwon Mina And Explains Their Position On Some Of Her Claims

They have released their official statement.

FNC Entertainment has finally released their official statement and apology regarding matters surrounding former AOA member Mina and the other AOA members.

In their official statement released on August 9, they apologized to Mina for what has happened, and also for the delay in their announcement.

This is FNC Entertainment.

We would like to apologize for the disgraceful events related with AOA that have happened recently, which have caused much concern and inconvenience to everyone. We would like to apologize for causing such worry and the regrettable actions.

Above all, we would like to sincerely apologize to Kwon Mina, who is having a difficult time, and we hope her health will recover as soon as possible.

We would like to apologize for the delay in our statement. We would also like to sincerely apologize for not being able to have carefully managed the relationship between the members. We hesitated several times on how to clearly convey our agency’s position regarding this matter. The members of AOA have also been frustrated due to the criticism and misunderstandings surrounding them. We are also well aware about the situation, where there is a lot of criticism directed towards us and the AOA members.

However, although we were repeatedly concerned about revealing our position, we decided that the most important thing is to focus on Kwon Mina’s recovery.

We decided that explaining and refuting some of the things that are being said and trying to publicly reveal who is right and who is wrong will only cause more issues to surface, and the situation will not be resolved. We have also let the AOA members know that they shouldn’t make any personal statements, even if they want to. We came to this decision because we believed that having each member reveal their statements to the public, which will lead to conflict, is not the right way of resolving the situation.

Recently, Kwon Mina asked our agency employees about Shin Jimin’s future plans for promotions, but we did not respond because Shin Jimin already personally told the agency that she has no plans to be active in the entertainment industry and wanted to live as a non-celebrity. We did not wish for it to be needlessly revealed or mentioned at the time.

Regarding personal matters in Kwon Mina’s SNS posts, such as payment, we have been strictly following industry protocol, and we will take all legal responsibility should there be any issues.

Once again, we sincerely how that Kwon Mina will recovery her health as soon as possible, and we will work towards a smooth resolution. We ask the public to send their support to Kwon Mina, so she can return to the public eye in good health.

— FNC Entertainment

Yesterday, August 8, Kwon Mina revealed a new picture of her self-harm injuries, which prompted concern from fans and her agency. Her agency immediately called authorities and had emergency personnel check in on her as soon as possible. Woori Actors later confirmed her life was not in danger and she was getting treatment.

Source: Sports Chosun

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