Former AOA Member Mina’s Past Comments On ChoA’s Clash With Group Members Resurface

“The members had trouble with her…”

As former AOA member Kwon Mina‘s battle against members Jimin, Seolhyun, and FNC Entertainment‘s CEO Han Sung Ho continues, her past comment on another former member ChoA has resurfaced.

Former AOA member Kwon Mina. | @kvwowv/Instagram

In what is an alleged screenshot from her KakaoTalk open chatroom (also known as the “solitary room”), where a few hundred of Mina’s fans have gathered, Kwon Mina is said to have once mentioned ChoA.

An alleged screenshot of Kwon Mina’s comment on ChoA in her open chatroom. | theqoo

Mina discussed ChoA’s “sensitive nature and perfectionist tendency” and how it allegedly caused ChoA to clash with other members.

To be honest, ChoA unnie comes with a sensitive nature and has a perfectionist tendency when it comes to her work. So she had trouble with that herself. She didn’t have an easy personality. The members had trouble with her. I had some trouble with her too. I won’t go into details though.

— Kwon Mina

Mina added, however, that she considered ChoA her reliable “support system in Seoul.”

But I really like ChoA unnie. You know, there are things about a person you won’t ever understand. But that goes for everybody. At least she showed what was on her mind. She was the oldest unnie that knew how to point out the wrongs. And she was my support, amongst the members who were in Seoul…

— Kwon Mina

Mina also discussed a “termination of contract“, though from the text it is unclear whether she is talking about ChoA’s termination of contract or hers.

An alleged screenshot of Kwon Mina’s comment on the contract in her open chatroom. | theqoo

Regardless, she did point out that when the termination was brought up, FNC Entertainment immediately began discussing the penalty.

When the termination of contract was brought up, because of Shin Jimin unnie… the first thing the agency talked about was the early termination penalty fee.

— Kwon Mina

As the screenshot resurfaced online, K-Pop fans are growing extremely concerned for not only Mina’s mental health — but also ChoA’s.

Former AOA member ChoA.

Especially with ChoA recently making her long-awaited comeback to the entertainment industry, fans have collectively been sending nothing but undivided support for both Mina and ChoA.

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