“That’s Our Policy” — Following Speculation Around Jinni’s Unexpected Departure From NMIXX, An Interview With J.Y. Park Resurfaces

The interview is helping fans better understand JYP Entertainment’s statement.

On December 9, JYP Entertainment announced that Jinni would be leaving NMIXX due to personal reasons.

Jinni, who has been a part of NMIXX, decided to terminate her contract and leave the team for personal reasons.

We’re sorry for causing any concerns with this sudden news. This also means that going forward, all future NMIXX schedules will be carried on as a six-membered group.

— JYP Entertainment

The announcement shocked netizens who have always praised Jinni’s immense talents and impact in the group.

NMIXX’s Jinni | @NMIXX_official/Twitter

While any member leaving a group is surprising, netizens were especially confused given that Jinni had trained for over six years at JYP Entertainment, having talked about in the past how “it was difficult for [her] to quit” because of all she’d given up and how much she wanted to achieve with NMIXX.

NMIXX | @NMIXX_official/Twitter

To try and make sense of the unexpected announcement, fans have been looking at interactions between Jinni and Lily, who trained together for over six years, receiving an award with tears in their eyes.

A video from a recent fan sign has also gone viral, with netizens speculating that Jinni’s emotional expression may have been because she knew it was her last fan sign before leaving the group.

In their shock, many netizens speculate that it’s possible Jinni didn’t leave by choice and believe that she “deserves so much better.

While searching for answers for Jinni’s sudden departure, an interview with J.Y. Park is resurfacing for the comments the JYP Entertainment founder made about idols leaving their group and the company’s involvement.

J.Y. Park | @jtbc_K909/Twittter

In the Forbes interview from 2020, J.Y. Park explained that “the key element” for choosing trainees is their moral character.

In my book I say the key element in me deciding to pick an artist is ‘Is that person a genuine, pure person that I can love?

— J.Y. Park

And when asked about artists being asked to leave the company, J.Y. Park admitted that sometimes he has to let artists leave even though “It hurts.”

We have the longest education system among entertainment companies. They totally understand our values of what we stand for. If an employee or artist crosses the line, it will hurt our values and you have to leave. Even though I don’t want them to leave, even though I love them, I have to let them go — or else our values will collapse. I’m not letting someone go because I hate them — everybody makes mistakes, we do stupid things — but if we pardon them, the next guys will do it again. I have to do it to keep our values alive. But it hurts. It hurts letting go of any employee or any artist we have.

— J.Y. Park

Still, J.Y. Park was very clear that even though artists sometimes have to be let go because they “[crossed] the line,” artists can also leave for other reasons, like, as detailed in the statement about Jinni, “for personal reasons.”

That also doesn’t mean that every artist who left our company has done something wrong. Some had other issues or other reasons to leave.

— J.Y. Park

| @NMIXX_official/Twitter

In the interview, J.Y. Park explained why JYP Entertainment “is tightlipped about some of the company’s controversial exits.

We want [the artists] to be successful outside of our company.

— J.Y. Park

Whether an artist leaves by choice or because the company removed them, JYP Entertainment doesn’t want to sully their future by explaining anything in detail.

If they really did do something wrong, we will never say it — that’s our policy. We truly want them to succeed when they leave. If we publicly reveal what they did when they leave, that will hurt them. That’s not what we want.

— J.Y. Park

As this interview has resurfaced, netizens better understand why no further information about Jinni’s sudden departure was given.

Although fans are still confused, they understand that Jinni will tell netizens her reasons for leaving in her own time if she decides to at all.

Ultimately, netizens are hopeful that Jinni is okay and will be rooting for her in all her future endeavors.

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Source: Forbes


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