Netizens Praise 4th Generation Girl Group For Live Singing While Dancing During Music Show Encore

Best vocals in the 4th generation.

Many groups have fallen prey to netizens’ scrutiny and criticism due to music show encores. During the encore, the winning group will usually sing their song once again. Only this time, they do not get any backing vocal tracks or MR tracks playing! This means that groups have to sing their parts by themselves.

Groups that have been put in the spotlight for their singing skills during encores include LE SSERAFIM, TWICE, and IVE. Most groups perform this standing still due to the strain on their vocals. Here’s IVE singing during the encore.

A 4th generation group has recently gained attention for their singing chops during the encore. Not only did NMIXX sing flawlessly, they also did it while dancing to their song’s choreography!

Netizens were completely blown away by it.

Netizen comments. | theqoo
  • I’m so proud of them.
  • Their song this time is good itself. It’s the first time in a long while that I’m playing their songs after “Love Me Like This.”
  • Wow, daebak.
  • Wow, so ggood.
  • Kyujin is really so impressive.
  • Wow, they’re so good.
  • Crazy LOL. Everyone is pretty and talented. This is my healing song on the way to work recently.

These girls are so impressive that they’ve never once been criticized for their singing!


Source: theqoo