SEVENTEEN’s Joshua Sheds Tears On Stage During Recent Japanese Concert


CARATs are showing support for SEVENTEEN‘s Joshua after he got emotional on stage during a recent concert.

SEVENTEEN’s Joshua | Weverse Magazine

In early August 2023, Joshua was embroiled in dating rumors after netizens compiled evidence that he was dating a model named Cho Mi Young.

Netizens reacted strongly to these allegations, especially after footage of his alleged girlfriend at a SEVENTEEN concert surfaced. Some of the group’s fans event sent protest trucks to Pledis, requesting his removal from the group as the company remained silent.

  • Joshua leave
  • We are against dating/ Lipsyncing/PDA
  • A celebrity who tramples on the hard work of their members and the sincerity of their fans has no future!

The artist has since returned to posting on the Weverse platform, though there are still adverse reactions. Fans have shown their support by defending him against vocal anti-fans whenever he comes online.

SEVENTEEN Fans Come To Joshua’s Defense After His Latest Weverse Post

Fans have worried that the hate negatively affected him, especially after he appeared worn out in public not too long ago, and it seems like the feelings might have come to the surface during SEVENTEEN’s recent Japanese concert.

SEVENTEEN recently embarked on the Japan leg of their Follow tour, starting the concert series with two shows in Tokyo. Fans were anticipating the show, especially after leader S.Coups, currently recovering from a torn ACL, was spotted on the way to Japan.


The show went on without a hitch, and as usual, the members gave special ending mentions towards the end of the show. During Joshua’s meant, however, it seems the star was overcome with emotion and began to cry.

Joshua continued crying as he gave his speech, receiving applause from the audience attending in person.

After clips were shared online, fans began trending #We_LOVE_JOSHUA as a show of support for the star.