SEVENTEEN’s Jun Reveals NCT’s Chenle And Kun Were The Most Supportive Friends During The Making Of His Solo Track “LIMBO”

It’s the friendship that keeps on giving.

SEVENTEEN‘s Jun had help while preparing his solo debut “LIMBO,” and not just from his members. His besties in NCT were there for him too!

Jun and the members of NCT have a long and chaotic history of friendship, especially where Chenle is concerned.

NCT’s Chenle (left) and SEVENTEEN’s Jun (right) | KHCHENLE/Weibo

Only recently, for example, Chenle invited Jun and The8 to the NCT DREAM concert—only to realize that he’d forgotten to reserve tickets for them. But like the true supportive besties they are, Jun and The8 managed to be there, even though they had just arrived from a long tour.

Jun and The8 have often had some of the most hilarious interactions with their NCT friends, such as when Jun received an unexpected call from Renjun in the middle of a live stream.

But of course, there’s also no shortage of wholesome interactions as well. Seeing as foreign K-Pop idols have to leave their homes to pursue their careers, it makes sense that many of them would become close growing up in a new country together. The SEVENTEEN and NCT members are practically like family; NCT’s Kun even celebrated his birthday, which is on January 1, alone with Jun and Chenle.

NCT’s Kun (left) and SEVENTEEN’s Jun (right)

When Jun released his solo track “LIMBO” recently, he gained praise for his incredibly artistic MV…as well as for his unreal body proportions.

He revealed that he received plenty of help throughout the process of producing “LIMBO.” His members, for one, were there with lots of advice and moral support. In fact Mingyu and The8 were the ones who encouraged him to work on his legendary abs!

But Chenle and Kun were there too. According to Jun, they contributed plenty of ideas during the production process, which is something he’s very grateful for.

We love to see this wholesome friendship flourishing, and as the idols continue moving forward with their personal projects hopefully we’ll see even more of them supporting each other!

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