TWICE Is The Most Popular Korean Girl Group In Japan, And It’s Not Even Close

They’re in a league of their own.

TWICE is currently the most popular girl group in Korea, even earning the title of “Nation’s Girl Group” for the new generation.

TWICE Officially Declared The “Nation’s Girl Group”


But in addition to their popularity in Korea, they’ve also been dubbed “Asia’s #1 Girl Group” by multiple news outlets and media sources, including popular messaging app LINE.


But while TWICE is extremely popular in many countries, they’re absolutely dominating in Japan.

Fan-taken photos reveal just how popular TWICE really is in Japan


Last year, TWICE became the first Korean idol group to be invited to Japan’s legendary Kōhaku Uta Gassen in 6 years.


And they’re so popular that Japan’s Music Station has invited TWICE to perform on the show six times, an unprecedented feat for a foreign artist.


They also became the first group ever to perform in three different languages on Music Station. In addition to their Japanese songs, TWICE also performed their song “What Is Love?” in Korean and a cover of the Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” in English.


TWICE’s hit song “TT” even became a national sensation…

TWICE’s “TT” has now become a viral trend in Japan


And even lit up the world-famous Tokyo tower!

TWICE Lights Up The Iconic Tokyo Tower With “TT”


But rather than just titles and reports, there is empirical that proves TWICE is the single most popular Korean girl group in Japan.

Fan-taken photos from TWICE’s concert reveal the scale of their popularity in Japan


For example, TWICE’s latest Japanese single, “Wake Me Up” has surpassed 500,000 copies sold on the Japanese Oricon charts, achieving “Double Platinum” status.

TWICE is the first female foreign artist to receive the certification for a single album in Japan.


With their Japanese album sales alone, TWICE has already sold more albums in Japan than every other Korean girl group has sold total albums since TWICE’s debut in 2015.


And with their 1st full album “BDZ” set to be released on September 12, their sales will only continue growing.


Along with the album release, TWICE is also embarking on their first arena tour in Japan, and has completely sold out, despite having more than 80,000 seats across a total of 9 shows.


So while other Korean girl groups are starting to find success in Japan, it’s clear that TWICE is alone at the top right now.

Source: Sports Seoul and Herald Pop