[★UPDATE] UEE apologizes for denying her relationship

UEE has released an apology following the agency denial of her later confirmed the relationship with Kangnam earlier today.

“I wrote the post after being surprised by the news that I was in a 3 month relationship.

I want to apologize again.

We had just started dating, so to be clear, I wrote the post because I was afraid that the news claiming a 3 month relationship would cause harm to [Kangnam] or the drama team ㅠㅠ
I’m sorry for uploading it without thinking properly ㅠㅠ

We got the chance to confirm our feelings even more, and we’ll continue this relationship happily,,^^
Please support us~!!

Thank you and I apologize once more!!”



UEE has initially written a post on Instagram which stated the two were not together, and she would tell her fans if they were. This, however, was later changed after statements confirming their relationship were released.

Congratulations to the new couple.

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