Park Yoochun vs. Hwang Hana's Scandal

Park Yoochun To Officially Cancel His Retirement Plans With An Online Fan Meeting
He’s coming out of retirement.
Park Yoochun Reveals Photos From His Official Comeback Since His Drug Scandal And Retirement
Netizens are not happy with his announcement.
Park Yoochun Suspected Of Entertaining Police At His Home
Police are currently looking into the issue.
Netizens Ridicule Park Yoochun After He Opens Instagram Account
“Is this what you meant by volunteering?”
Park Yoochun Banned From MBC For His Drug Charges
MBC made a statement.
Park Yoochun Spotted Looking Happy In New Pic Uploaded By His Brother, Netizens Furious
Netizens are furious that Park Yoochun is smiling.
Park Yoochun Cries During Interview After Receiving His Sentence
“I will do my best to live diligently while volunteering for society.”
Park Yoochun Has Been Sentenced To Probation For His Drug Crimes
His sentence has been announced.
Hwang Hana Denies Additional Drug Use With Park Yoochun In March
“Park Yoochun administrated the drugs alone.”
Park Yoochun And Fans Alike Shed Tears At His First Hearing
Prosecution demanded a 1 year and 6 month prison sentence.