Jungkook Explained How He Became “Cool”, And His Hyungs Couldn’t Take Him Seriously

Fans wanted to know the secret behind his coolness, so he told them.

At a recent fan sign, BTS‘s Jungkook told fans how he naturally became the cool person he is today.


Over the last six years, Jungkook has gone from a cute, 15-year-old rookie…


…to a chic, 21-year-old star.


On April 21, BTS held a Q&A session with fans at their Aladin fan sign. One of the questions Jimin selected asked him and Jungkook how they manage to be so cute and cool at the same time.


Jimin decided to direct the question to Jungkook (who wasn’t paying attention at first), and rephrased it. “Why are you so cool?” he asked.


When Jungkook answered, he did it in such a serious way that Jimin burst out laughing!


Jin also couldn’t help cracking a joke by punning “eat” and “age”.


Jungkook said that as he grew older he became more mature, which naturally made him cooler.


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