Former AOA Member Jimin’s Vacation Photos During Mina’s Departure From AOA Resurface In Light Of Bullying Controversy

Jimin took a vacation abroad while Mina’s withdrawal from AOA was announced in the past. What are your thoughts?

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

In light of former AOA member Mina‘s bullying controversy, Jimin‘s vacation photos during announcement of Mina’s withdrawal from the group resurfaced.

On July 3, Mina first uploaded a series of posts confessing her unfortunate experience as a bullying victim of an AOA member.

During this time, Mina mentioned that this AOA co-member bullied her to the point of extreme thoughts so fans were concerned about her well-being.

Mina did not mention a name at first, but when Jimin responded to Mina’s allegations and Mina finally named her, fans worldwide were shocked.

Understandably, fans demanded that Jimin take responsibility for her actions. They also wanted AOA’s agency, FNC Entertainment, to apologize to Mina for “ignoring” the whole bullying issue in the past.

The agency and the rest of AOA members, including Jimin, went to Mina’s house to apologize. Soon after, Mina posted her final update on the situation, saying that Jimin “apologized” to her.

Jimin’s public apology expressing her guilt was then posted on her official Instagram account.

I can’t put everything I want to say in a short message, but I feel apologetic, and I’m sorry. I was lacking while leading my team, it was all my mistakes.

– a part of Jimin’s public apology on Instagram

Mina couldn’t help but react to Jimin’s public apology. Now deleted from her Instagram account, a portion of Mina’s reaction is included below.

I know you don’t want to apologize, right until the end, and I know you hate me. But so what? I’ll never forget that glare when you came in. I’ll repay you with the same thing when I die. All the eyes and ears that were in my house are the same as you.

– a part of Mina’s reply to Jimin’s public apology

In light of Jimin’s bullying issue, fans started to dig up her past posts on Instagram and noticed one thing: she was on a vacation at the time Mina’s withdrawal from AOA was announced.

On May 12, 2019, FNC Entertainment has announced that Mina was leaving AOA.

Hello, this is FNC Entertainment.

We would like to share news about AOA’s Jimin, Yuna, Hyejeong, Seolhyun, and Chanmi’s contract renewals.

AOA will continue as 5 members, as they want to continue together as a group and they have renewed their contracts for the fans who have provided unconditional support and love for them.

However, after 7 years together and a series of long discussions with the members and the company, Mina has decided to take a different path to make her new dream come true.

We have decided to terminate her contract and have her leave AOA as we respect her decision.

– a part of FNC Entertainment’s official statement on Mina’s departure from AOA

During this time, Jimin took a vacation abroad and posted her pictures on her Instagram account. Mina left the group officially on May 12, 2019, and Jimin’s vacation photos were dated May 13…

…May 14, 2019…

…and May 17, 2019.

As of this writing, Jimin has now left AOA and the industry, as officially announced by FNC Entertainment.

Former AOA's Mina vs. Jimin's Bullying Allegations