Former AOA Member Mina Updates Instagram With New Photos Following Bullying Controversy

We hope better things come her way.

Former AOA’s Mina updated her Instagram with new bright and happy photos after dealing with the recent bullying controversy. Previously, she posted an update expressing her gratitude towards everyone that supported her throughout the incident. Since then, she has started to post regularly on her social media revealing her daily life.

She started off with a selfie to show fans that she was doing fine.

She also posted photos from a shoot for a hand sanitizer brand called Soapy.

“I love Soapy #soapy #bodywash #handsanitizer”

She also shared photos of her smiling and looking happy.

“Trying to do lottery on a whim…”

“When was this…”

“I asked my mom for a hat and this is what she gave me.”

“The difference between the original and the edited version. Gayoung’s photo taking skills and the studio made everything great. I heard this studio is prettier in the daytime even though it already looks great even at night…so I think I’m going to reserve a time to do it again. The CEO is so nice…thank you. Also Gayoung, sorry I was late.”

Fans are happy to see her better and well and hope that she continues to live a positive and happy life.

On July 3, Mina revealed a series of posts proving that former AOA member Jimin bullied her for the past ten years. Ultimately, she received an apology before Jimin officially quit the group.

Source: herald pop

Former AOA's Mina vs. Jimin's Bullying Allegations