“Physical: 100” Contestants Spill On How They Joined The Show

“But I didn’t have an ex-girlfriend to go on that show with me…”

Despite all the controversy currently surrounding Netflix‘s fitness survival show Physical: 100, there’s no denying that the show was a massive hit with viewers.

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Throughout the show, viewers voiced their appreciation for multiple fan-favorite contestants, including Agent H

Agent H | Netflix

Yun Sung Bin

Yun Sung Bin | Netflix

Jang Eun Sil

Jang Eun Sil | Netflix

And Choo Sung Hoon.

Choo Sung Hoon | Netflix

Viewers were continually impressed by the cast, who always gave their all despite the brutal challenges.

Many Netflix viewers were surprised to learn that Single’s Inferno 2 contestant Kim Jin Young almost joined Physical: 100 alongside his friend Agent H.

Single’s Inferno 2 contestant Kim Jin Young | Netflix

But while Kim Jin Young had to decide between the two Netflix reality shows, some Physical: 100 contestants recently revealed in an interview with W Korea that they also didn’t know what to make of the offer at first.

Contestants like Jang Eun Sil and winner Woo Jin Young were surprised to have Netflix reach out to them.

Jang Eun Sil and Woo Jin Young | W KOREA/YouTube

Meanwhile, Jo Jin Hyeong didn’t notice the DM (direct message) with the offer until three days after it was sent.

Jo Jin Hyeong | W KOREA/YouTube 

Many of the contestants couldn’t believe the offer was genuine when they received it.

Kim Min Cheol | W KOREA/YouTube 

Park Jin Yong and Hwang Bit Yeoul | W KOREA/YouTube 

Contestant Park Min Ji actually had her social media accounts set to private, so one of her teammates got the offer for her, which led to Park Min Ji asking her teammate “multiple times to check” if it was legitimate.

Park Min Ji | W KOREA/YouTube 

In contrast, Park Jong Hyuk shared that he had had multiple offers already, including for Transfer Love, but he felt best suited for Physical: 100 since he didn’t “have an ex-girlfriend to go on ‘Transfer Love’ with [him].”

Park Jong Hyuk | W KOREA/YouTube 

But regardless of how the contestants felt when they first received the offer to compete in Physical: 100, they all agreed that they couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

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Wanting to take the chance to promote their new gym…

Shim Eu Ddeum and Woo Jin Young | W KOREA/YouTube

Or their sport and themselves.

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All the contestants took a chance with the survival show, ultimately proving their incredible strength.

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