Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Once Again Proves That He Is The Ultimate Successful Fanboy

Fans couldn’t be more excited for him.

With the 2022 MAMA Awards quickly approaching, fans were excited to see which artists would perform. But one of the special collaborations fans didn’t expect is a stage featuring Stray Kids‘ production unit, 3RACHA (which includes Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han), Tiger JK, and Jung Jae Il.

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Fans felt incredibly excited for Bang Chan since he has often talked about how much he appreciates Tiger JK as an artist. Bang Chan once talked about getting to meet Tiger JK, where he got so excited he introduced himself as simply “Chris.”

And when 3RACHA worked on the song “HEYDAY,” Bang Chan even included the lyrics “Legendary like Tiger JK,” which Tiger JK listened to.

Fans are, of course, incredibly excited to see what this legendary stage will have in store. And are happy that Bang Chan is once again proving that he’s the ultimate successful fanboy, getting to interact with some of his favorite celebrities.

In the past, the same thing happened with Ryan Reynolds. In one live broadcast, Bang Chan admitted that he was a fan of the talented actor. But when Stray Kids gave an iconic Kingdom: Legendary War performance inspired by the movie Deadpool, where Ryan Reynolds plays the titular character, Ryan Reynolds began supporting Stray Kids.

Stray Kids’ Deadpool inspired performance

Since then, Ryan Reynolds and Bang Chan have become friends. Ryan Reynolds has done an interview with Bang Chan and even invited him to a movie premiere.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan and Ryan Reynolds | @realstraykids/Instagram

The two also sent each other gifts, leading to more endearing exchanges.

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And they’ve continued to support each other on social media, leading fans to suspect that Stray Kids could even be featured in an upcoming Deadpool movie’s soundtrack. Recently, Ryan Reynolds has even been turning his Tumblr account into a Bang Chan fan page.

Leaving fans to believe that Bang Chan truly is the ultimate successful fanboy.

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