T.O.P Voted #1 Celebrity With The Worst Controversy Of 2017

DC Inside’s online poll showed that BIGBANG’s T.O.P was the #1 “Celebrity with the Worst Controversy in 2017”.

He came in 1st with over 10% of total votes, compared to a list of other controversial celebrities.

The poll showed that people most commonly chose the word “bizarre” to describe T.O.P and his controversy.

Earlier this year, T.O.P was charged with the illegal use of marijuana.

And T.O.P’s actions led to a national change as the government expedited the military’s decision to ban idol police teams.

The controversy gained a lot of attention even after T.O.P pleaded guilty for his connection to a now controversial figure, Han Seo Hee.

The poll showed that Yoo Ah In came in second

Yoo Ah In’s bone tumor that exempts him from mandatory military service was rumored to have been an intentional ploy to avoid service.

Yoo Ah In exempt from military enlistment due to illness

Yoo Ah In was also the center of a controversy in November when he went toe to toe online with Han Seo Hee.

Han Seo Hee Says Yoo Ah In Has A Small Penis, Starts Twitter War

JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun came in third because of the accusations claiming he raped a number of girls at an adult entertainment establishment last year.

[★BREAKING] JYJ Park Yoo Chun Accused Of Raping Woman In Bathroom

SHINee’s Onew came in fourth for his sexual assault scandal that occurred while he was drunk at a club.

[★BREAKING] Onew Steps Down From SHINee Tour Following Assault Scandal

Kang Ho Dong came in fifth for his involvement in the recent controversy regarding member changes in Running Man.

Kang Ho Dong in discussions to join Running Man after show is uncancelled

Kangin placed 6th of all votes cast for his DUI and assault cases.

(★BREAKING) Super Junior’s Kangin physically assaults girlfriend, Police are called in

Siwon placed 7th as he and his family became the center of a nationwide controversy when his dog bit a neighbor, who subsequently died of septic shock.

Siwon’s Dog Kills Woman, Siwon Apologizes For Her Death

The list went on to include figures like Jo Duk Jae, who was sentenced for sexual molestation earlier this year.

Veteran Korean Actor Sentenced For Sexually Molesting Actress In Front of Entire Film Crew

With so many scandals that occurred in 2017, netizens hope for a more peaceful 2018.

Source: Nate News

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