Seungri Catches MIXNINE Trainees Lip-syncing During Auditions

BIGBANG’s Seungri caught trainees lipsyncing while auditioning for the talent reality program, MIXNINE… and he wasn’t happy. Seungri joined Yang Hyun Suk to judge trainees from IME Korea.  He spotted something rather odd, however, while they were performing their song and dance numbers; he noticed they were lipsyncing!  He asked, “Are your friends recording these […]


YG Announces Plans For 30 City World Tour For MIXNINE Winning Team

YG Entertainment has announced their plans to hold a tour as the winners of MIXNINE make their debut.  The program is reportedly aiming to capture the attention of the international market after failing to go over a 1% audience rating.   At present, the agency is planning to schedule stops in at least 20 to 30 […]


YG Fails A MIX9 Contestant, But He Wasn’t Ready For What She Was Going To Say

KQ Entertainment’s Park Ji Yeon completely shocked Yang Hyun Suk by talking back to him and cutting him off mid-sentence. In a recent episode of MIXNINE, Yang Hyun Suk informed Park Ji Yeon that she didn’t qualify. In response, she appeared to question his decision and asked him, “So I didn’t make it? Is everyone […]


MIXNINE And The Unit Are Almost The Same Show… Except For This Important Difference

The Unit and MIXNINE are two of the most talked about Korean programs among K-Pop fans right now, but viewers have mixed feelings about their differences. Both shows have a similar format and premise as their goal is to give second chance at a stardom for already debuted but not-so-famous K-Pop idols. “Our program’s aim is […]


JYP reveals two female trainees and everyone is already obsessed

MIXNINE viewers haven’t been able to stop talking about these two female JYP Entertainment trainees who featured on JTBC’s music contest show for the first time. Towards the end of the second episode of the show, Yang Hyun Suk visited JYP Entertainment to audition the trainees… … and when Sunmin and Ryujin appeared on the screen, […]

The Contestants Of MIXNINE Are Absolutely Forbidden From Doing This

JTBC’s MIXNINE contestants have one major rule that they must obey in order to continue competing in the program. Trainees from the show are not allowed to date each other during the filming and the network is doing everything to prevent the possibility. They have divided the contestants into genders and minimize their interactions between them. […]

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