Your 2020 Hot Body Goals: The Slims vs. The Thiccs of K-Pop

Let these K-Pop hot bods be your workout inspiration.

What better time than January to sign up for a gym membership and pursue that hot body goal you have always had in mind? And to stir up some motivation for you, we have put together this list of K-Pop’s slimmest and thicc-est female idols. Whether you’re going for the lean mean look or the curvy goddess one, let these girl group members be your workout inspiration. You got this!

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BLACKPINK‘s Rosé has been well known for most gorgeously slim body shape. K-Pop fans envious of her figure have endearingly nicknamed her “Ant Waist” or gaemi-heori (개미허리) in Korean, highlighting how tiny her waist is!

2. Sunmi

Sunmi has always had legs for days. Since her Wonder Girls days, Sunmi shook the nation with the sheer length and shape of her “Crane Legs” or hak-dari (학다리). Many K-Pop fans find motivation from her recent pictures, capturing her slight weight gain to a healthy level!

3. HyunA

When it comes to slim-sexy, nobody does it better than HyunA. And she is never, ever shy of showing off what she has. And this most charming confidence only boosts her sexiness. HyunA’s slender but toned figure is definitely #hotbodygoals.

[The Thiccs]

1. MAMAMOO’s Hwasa

We all remember the shock and awe from MAMAMOO Hwasa‘s 2018 MAMA performance. She wowed the fans twice — once with her pure talent to seize the stage and again, with her most voluptuous figure. Since then, Hwasa has been at the top of K-Pop’s thicc-and-sexy body list!

2. Hyosung

When Hyosung first debuted with SECRET, K-Pop fans immediately fell in love with her style because it had been rare to find a glamorous body like hers in the industry. “Curvy sexy” has been her brand ever since 2009 — and fans can’t wait to see her bring it back on stage.

3. Ailee

Ailee has been there and done that when it comes to weight loss. The truth is though, she never had to go through any of those diets — because K-Pop fans love her for the full-figured, curvaceous queen she is. Her glamorous figure, topped with her powerful voice, makes her an unprecedented beauty in the industry.

Source: THEQOO

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