5 K-Pop Girl Groups Who Got Done Extremely Dirty By Their Companies

These groups all deserved so much better.

K-Pop companies can be quite shady towards their artists, as many groups have suffered due to their companies mistreating them. Here are a few K-Pop girl groups who are suffering, or have suffered greatly due to their companies.


When PRISTIN debuted in 2017, they were one of the most successful rookie artists of that year, winning many rookie awards. The group had major success with their debut song “Wee Woo”, and soon made a comeback with their song “We Like”. However, this was the last time fans were able to see PRISTIN release music as a full group. Member Kyla soon left the group for health reasons, and members Kyulkyung, Nayoung, Eunwoo, Rena, and Roa formed a subunit called PRISTIN V.

PRISTIN V was unfortunately not very successful and would be the last time the PRISTIN members released any music. Pledis Entertainment soon put PRISTIN in hiatus and gave fans zero updates about the group until their shocking disbandment in 2020. Throughout their short time as a group, fans have noticed how badly the members of PRISTIN were treated by their company, such as when Pledis Entertainment didn’t even congratulate the group on their 2nd anniversary.

2. CLC

CLC is a group that has spoken on their disappointments with Cube Entertainment many times. A YouTube channel by the name of “clczone” compiled some moments when the members spoke on their mistreatment. One moment was when member Yeeun spoke on a potential CLC world tour.

CLC has also had to deal with multiple delays to their comebacks, which has disappointed both the members and their fans.

There are more moments in the full video below.

3. gugudan

Gugudan originally debuted in 2016 and were quite active early in their careers. However, the last time they released any music as a group was in 2018. Member Sally has released multiple statements this year, talking about how their company, Jellyfish Entertainment, essentially kicked all the members out of the group.

A year and a half ago, the company suddenly let us go back to our homes, but I didn’t dare to return to China. I was afraid that I’d give up completely after returning. I could only hold the letters that fans gave me and cry in front of a mirror every night in order to relieve my stress. I still thank myself for not giving up at that time.

– Sally

4. 2NE1

While 2NE1 was one of the biggest groups that YG Entertainment debuted, that didn’t stop the company from mistreating them. Yang Hyun Suk, who was the head of the company when 2NE1 were still active, would constantly make rude comments directed at the 2NE1 members.

YG came to a concert rehearsal once. When we do a rehearsal we don’t put on any makeup. He looked from afar into the screen and said “Ah… They are really ugly.” In front of all the staff! I was a bit disappointed.

— CL

YG Entertainment also did a poor job of promoting the members of 2NE1, as the group released only 2 full-length albums throughout their 7 years of being active. There have also been many fake promises made by YG Entertainment towards the fans of 2NE1, as the company stated that the group would continue as a trio after member Minzy left the group. However, the company soon announced that the group was disbanding instead.

5. T-ara

MBK Entertainment is quite well known to mistreat their artists, and T-ara is no exception. During their earlier days, the members of T-ara were practically forced to starve by their company. HyunA, who is a former member of 4Minute, even came out and exposed the company for their cruel acts towards the T-ara members.

The members of T-ara eventually left the company in 2018 due to the mistreatment, but MBK wouldn’t let them leave peacefully, as they decided to file multiple copyrights to the name “T-ara” so that the members couldn’t promote under the name.

Here’s a video by a YouTube channel called “Chaennie Lisoo” that goes more in-depth about MBK Entertainment.

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