BTS’s Jimin: 7 New Things We Learned About Him In 2020

New year, new facts.

BTS‘s Jimin continues to blossom, discovering more about himself and sharing it with fans. Here are 7 new things we learned about him in 2020!

1. He ended a friendship over a game

In Episode 1 of MapleStory X BTS Jimin revealed how MapleStory drove a wedge between him and a childhood friend.

“It was when I was in fifth grade. It happened because my friend was moving schools. We were sharing an account together,” Jimin said. “Back then, as you may know, there was a MapleStory Item Book.” 

| MapleStory/YouTube

“I asked my friend to share the account with me so I can get more EXP. But on the day he moved schools, he turned our character’s hair into that Orange Pumpkin head.” 

| MapleStory/YouTube

After arguing about this on the phone, Jimin and his friend ended things between them.

2. He almost threw up at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards

At the 2018 BBMAs, BTS performed “Fake Love” for the first time. Unlike Korean shows, the BBMAs didn’t give BTS time to rehearse, and that made Jimin incredibly nervous.

Yeah, I really almost threw up. I became so nervous!

— Jimin

3. He gets “mentally weak” while traveling

In the Break The Silence docuseries, Jimin reflected on the challenges he faces and how his members help him through them.

Strangely, I tend to get mentally weak when I go abroad, but rather than words, when I see the members standing next to me on stage looking happy like this, that itself is really comforting. They make me realize that I’m not alone when I’m on stage.

— Jimin

4. He fought with Jungkook on a rainy day

The “dumpling incident” has a sequel, and it’s called, “A Farewell Taxi”! At 2020 FESTA, Jimin and Jungkook shared a story about a fight they had years ago.

After arguing in the practice rooms, Jungkook walked out. On his way home, Jungkook tearfully called Jimin and apologized, but Jimin was still fuming mad.

Even so, Jimin jumped into a taxi to get Jungkook, who didn’t know where he was.

This story proves just how much Jimin loves his friends. He takes care of them, even when he’s angry at them.

5. He is a fantastic manager

Each BTS member contributed to BE in different ways. Jimin is credited as “A&R” (Artists and Repertoire), the liaison between BTS and their company. As A&R, he had a very important role: overseeing the album’s creative development. He shared those ideas with Big Hit Entertainment‘s executives and staff, streamlining the process.

| Big Hit Entertainment

6. He isn’t done growing yet

Most people don’t get any taller after their teens, but Jimin is a rare exception. This year, his wish to match Suga‘s height finally came true.

In March 2019, Jimin was 173.6 cm (approximately 5′ 7″) tall, but as of October 2020, he is 174 cm!


7. He was born to be the “Black Swan”

Fans and critics have praised Jimin’s dance skills for years, but he reached a new level of magnificence with “Black Swan”.

With “Black Swan”, Jimin returned to his modern dance roots and raised the bar to new heights. His duet with Jungkook at the 2020 Melon Music Awards took everyone’s breath away.

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