Here Are 10+ Iconic Moments From BTS’s 2021 NYC Trip That Every ARMY Needs To See

Their stay was short but busy!

BTS recently returned to South Korea after a three-day stay in New York City. While it was a short trip, they did a lot, so here are 10+ moments that you need to see…

1. United Nations speech

As Special Presidential Envoys for Future Generations and Culture, the first stop of their trip was to the 76th United Nations General Assembly. They addressed world leaders with an inspiring speech as they talked about the climate crisis and the pandemic.

In addition to their speech and performance, they, along with President Moon Jae In, were interviewed by the UN as well.

2. Jimin being besties with world leaders

He turned many world leaders into ARMY that day!

He also made new friends who encouraged him when he was nervous.

3. Their “Permission to Dance” performance at the UN

Who else can say they’ve danced at the United Nations?

4. BTS’s visit to the Met

RM went from visiting the Met just two years before presenting a gift to the Met and speaking there.

The entire group looked like works of art themselves at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

“BTS with Korean First Lady Kim Jung Sook, culture minister Hwang Hee, Met director Max Hollein, the museum’s president and CEO Dan Weiss, Mike Hearn, the Chairman of the Asian Art Department, and NYC’s Commissioner for International Affairs, Penny Abeywardena.”

They also toured the museum with South Korea’s first lady Kim Jung Sook.

From left: Jimin, South Korean First Lady Kim Jung Sook, Suga, Jin, RM, and J-Hope.

5. RM’s photos at the Met

As an art-lover, he also spent time enjoying the Met as a visitor again.

6. BTS struggling with Wi-Fi

They literally went live four different times, and all of the videos were even deleted for some time. Eventually, they appeared again, and they even uploaded a pre-recorded video.


The amount of times their live crashed 😩 #bts #btsarmy #bts_official_bighit #ThatCloseMessenger #fyp #fypシ

♬ original sound – 💜 Ohh Army 💜

7. Jungkook making modern art out of his sock

Jungkook randomly took off his sock in one of the live broadcasts and surprised everyone by making modern art out of it.

8. Meeting Megan Thee Stallion

After their collab for the “Butter” remix, fans have been awaiting Megan and BTS to meet! Thankfully, they could hang out briefly in New York City and take lots of photos together, which they both shared on their social media accounts.

Megan also shared that they gave her a plush of RM’s BT21 character KOYA.

9. Hanging out with Coldplay

Coldplay and BTS have become great friends in the process of making their collaboration single “My Universe.” So, of course, they got together while BTS were in New York City.

While there are many great moments between BTS and Coldplay, perhaps the greatest is lead singer Chris Martin gifting Jin his guitar!

BTS also gave the Coldplay members modernized hanboks, which they have since been seen wearing again.

10. Visiting The Korean Cultural Center New York

They made a surprise visit with the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Hwang Hee to see a new photo exhibition that showcases 200 representative Korean actors titled “THE ACTOR IS PRESENT: Korean Actors 200.”

Their autographs are now displayed to commemorate the visit.

Autographs of BTS members who visited the Korean Cultural Center, New York. / Korean Cultural Center New York

11. BTS with their plaques for “Butter.”

They met with HYBE CEO Shin Yong Jae met with Columbia Records Chairman and CEO Ron Perry to receive plaques in honor of “Butter” spending ten weeks on Billboard Hot 100.

BTS posed with Columbia Records Chairman & CEO Ron Perry and HYBE CEO Shin Yong Jae. | @theronperry/Instagram

12. Good Morning America

BTS pre-recorded an interview with President Moon Jae In for Good Morning America, which aired over the weekend.

BTS spoke about getting vaccinated, their experience speaking at the United Nations, and more. They even taught President Moon some of the “Permission to Dance” choreography!

13. Nightline

ABC News‘ Nightline also aired an extended interview with President Moon and special presidential envoys BTS.

Source: United Nations, ABC News and @BTS_twt