21 Korean Celebs Who Have Undergone Cosmetic Procedures Or Surgery

They are just a good looking “before” as they are “after”.

1. JooE (MOMOLAND) – Nose

On Knowing Bros, JooE revealed that a piece of cartilage from her ear is now part of her nose.

“It went on an adventure to my nose!” — JooE


2. Chaeyeon (DIA) – Nose

Chaeyeon confirmed that she did indeed receive cosmetic surgery on her nose after being shown a childhood photo of herself on Video Star. 

Although she has tweaked her nose, she denied accusations that her double-eyelids were unnatural.


3. Nam Joo Hyuk – Teeth/Braces

This handsome actor received braces to align his teeth…

…and it did wonders for his smile!


4. Krystal [f(x)] – Teeth/Braces

Like Nam Joo HyukKrystal also received braces to correct her teeth…

…and the results are as lovely as she is!


5. Jessi – Eyes, Nose, and Chest

Jessi once confessed to having had cosmetic procedures done on her eyes and nose. She explained that her agency at the time had recommended she get the procedures, but upon seeing the results, she was so disappointed that she cried.

“I regret getting surgery. Before I debuted, I wasn’t very photogenic. So my agency recommended I get my nose and eyes done so I did. When I first saw my new face, I cried because I thought I looked like a monster.” — Jessi


Jessi also openly and proudly admitted to getting breast implants on an episode of Happy Together. 

“I’m a human too, so I end up looking at negative comments. A lot of them talk about how it’s obvious I got breast implants… I paid for the surgery with my own money! Why do I have to hide it?”

— Jessi


6. Koo Hara – Eyes, Nose, Teeth

Koo Hara already had natural double eyelids, but she had them redone at her company’s request, along with a few other procedures.

“I had double eyelids already but I got them pinched one more time by my company CEO’s suggestion. I also got a shot on my nose and had braces.” — Koo Hara


7. Six Bomb – Upper bodies

Controversial girl group Six Bomb made headlines when it was revealed that they would be getting plastic surgery as part of their “Becoming Prettier” plastic surgery concept. They made a “Before” surgery video and an “After” video to showcase their transformations.

The group’s agency reportedly spent 100 million won on the members’ extensive upper body surgeries.


8. Yewon – Nose

Yewon has confessed to having a minor procedure done on her nose, but that’s all.

“I just did the bridge of my nose slightly.”  — Yewon


9. Heechul (Super Junior) – Nose

Although Heechul‘s handsomeness is the result of good genes, he has admitted to getting surgery on his nose, for medical reasons.

 “My nose broke in the past so I had to get it done. It’s actually lower now. I want to get it done again.” — Heechul


10. Ji Chang Wook – Nose

Actor Ji Chang Wook is as well known for his unrealistically good looks as he is for his amazing talent. Even after discovering his pre-plastic surgery photos, fan agreed that he’s looked good all his life.


11. Song Jaeho (former Madtown member)

Song Jaeho, formerly known as H.O, shared in detail what it was like to get a nose job in one of his live broadcasts.

The doctors used cartilage from his own nose to raise the tip and added some silicon to the bridge.


12. Park Bo Young – Teeth/Braces

This stunning actress is another member of the braces club!

Her smile is now straighter than before, but just as cute!


13. Uee (formerly of After School) – Eyes

According to her sister,  Uee has only gotten one part of her face tweaked…

…her eyes!


14. Kyuhyun (Super Junior) – Eyes

On Radio Star, Kyuhyun admitted to having undergone double-eyelid plastic surgery.

Although Kyuhyun’s parents both have natural double eyelids, he didn’t inherit this trait.


15. Yunho (TVXQ!) – Teeth/Braces

During a live broadcast, Yunho admitted to only ever having had one cosmetic procedure: braces.

“Many people asked if I had plastic surgery, but I haven’t gotten any. I’m glad the procedure on my teeth turned out like this though.” — Yunho


16. Yoo Seung Ho – Teeth/Braces

This talented actor’s good looks are most the result of nature…

…but he did have his teeth straightened.


17. Hong Soo Ah – Face

This actress openly discussed her post-plastic surgery experience on Radio Star when she told the host about the unprompted feedback she received from a director about new look.

“We were eating and a director I know said that I was more appealing before the surgeries. So I said, then you should’ve cast me then!”  —  Hong Soo Ah


18. Soyou (SISTAR) – Nose

On Radio Star, Soyou revealed that she visited a plastic surgeon after hateful comments about her looks took a toll on her.

She was only able to overcome the harsh criticisms by receiving surgical enhancements to her nose.


19. Yonghwa (CNBLUE) – Teeth/Braces

Since Yonghwa didn’t have his teeth corrected until after his debut, many fans still remember his adorable crooked teeth.

Now his teeth are completely uniform and his smile shines brighter than ever.


20. Irene (Red Velvet)

Years ago, Irene‘s teeth weren’t as straight as they are now, but that’s nothing braces couldn’t fix!


21. CL

Like many of the other idols on this list, CL got her perfectly straight teeth with the help of braces.

Braces or not braces though, she’s always been stunning!

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