K-Pop’s Top 5 Main Vocalists Who Are Also Multiplayers In Their Groups

They sure can sing, but that’s not all.

Among all the positions in a K-Pop idol group, there is nothing more important than the “main vocalist” position — as, after all, idols are singers. And the title is rather self-explanatory. The main vocalists usually receive the majority of vocal lines per song, especially the most challenging ones, because of their broad and steady vocal ranges. With that said, it may sound like main vocalists are “all voice”. This is not true. K-Pop idol groups’ main vocalists actually come with countless other talents. Here are the top 5 main vocalists who are also well-rounded multiplayers bringing so much more to the group.


1. BTS’s Jungkook

BTS‘s Jungkook boasts one gorgeous voice that make all BTS songs into instant bops. But he also offers amazing dance moves to the team. In fact, he even traveled to Los Angeles, CA in the USA before he debuted with BTS to study dance. Thanks to all the hard work, Jungkook is often discussed as a part of the “dance line” of BTS. What else can Jungkook do, in addition to sing and dance? Well… It might be faster to list the things he can’t do — which is, maybe at most, holding back his tears.


2. TWICE’s Jihyo

TWICE‘s Jihyo got some pipes that make the group’s songs impossible to karaoke without cracking a vocal chord or two. But on top of being an amazing vocalist, Jihyo is also a true leader to the team. Her leadership is, like Momo once said, the glue that holds TWICE together. Plus, let’s not overlook the fact that Jihyo is, before she is the leader and the main vocalist, the visual. As one face reader pointed out, Jihyo’s was born with an irresistible face meant to be loved and seen!


3. EXO’s Baekhyun

EXO‘s Baekhyun actually comes with a beloved nickname given by K-Pop fans: A “Perfect Idol“. This is to say, not only is he good at his main thing — which is hitting those high notes and blessing our ears — but he also knows how to really entertain all in all. His stage presence, especially his facial expressions on stage, is often discussed as a prime example of what it means to “own the performance”. More recently, he created his own YouTube channel and has been excelling at being a YouTuber as well.


4. Gugudan’s Sejeong

Gugudan‘s Sejeong is a reliable main vocalist to her group — but on top of that, she is also an award-winning actress. Since 2016, she has been steadily building her filmography, paving her path as an actress. She was a notable female lead for her 2017 K-Drama School 2017 which won her several awards.



SEVENTEEN‘s DK is, undeniably, one of the most well-balanced main vocalist in K-Pop. His voice boasts the expressiveness, the power, the volume, the range, and the stability that any vocalist would aspire to have. However, Carats wholeheartedly call DK a part of SEVENTEEN’s rap line. DK’s playful personality, combined with his spitfire rap skills, often create hilarious moments that make his teammates and his fans crack up. On top of that, DK brings solid moves to the team — allowing SEVENTEEN to hold that “200% Synced” performance group title year after year.