Former AOA Member Mina Reacts To Jimin’s Apology, Calling Out Her Lies And Outing Her Sexual History At Their Dorm

Mina fired back, but fans are more concerned with her words.

Former AOA member Mina reacted to Jimin‘s apology, and she was not happy with what Jimin posted.

Mina posted her reaction on her Instagram, and based on her choice of words, did not agree with everything Jimin said in her apology post. She also implicated the other AOA members for the first time. The post has since been deleted.

Begged? What do you mean you begged? I’ll say what I need to before I go.

Yesterday you said to me that you [apologized] because you wanted me to get back on the right path. That kind of person brings a man to the dorm and has sex with him? You should get on the right path first. At least you shouldn’t have lied.

I know you don’t want to apologize, right until the end, and I know you hate me. But so what? I’ll never forget that glare when you came in. I’ll repay you with the same thing when I die. All the eyes and ears that were my house are the same as you.

Shin Jimin, you have so many blessings, how nice it must be with everything on your side. You won. I lost. In the end, I lost.

— Mina

Fans are especially worried with Mina’s choice of words, specifically her last line stating she lost.

On July 3, Mina first uploaded a series of posts, revealing an AOA member bullied her to the point of extreme thoughts. Jimin responded to such allegations, but then Mina continued to share posts detailing what happened to her. She even revealed how her agency at the time, FNC Entertainment, did not take any corrective action. Early on the morning of July 4, she posted her final update on the situation, revealing Jimin apologized to her.

Former AOA's Mina vs. Jimin's Bullying Allegations