Former AOA’s Mina Addresses Netizen Comments As To Why She Forgave The Person Who Sexually Assaulted Her But Not Shin Jimin

She responded to more netizen accusations about why she is unable to forgive Jimin.

Following her previous series of exposé posts, former AOA‘s Mina continued to update her Instagram with regards to the matter. After her exposés on May 1 and 2, 2021, the posts were uploaded onto community forum sites. Not only did she reply to a series of netizen accusations that she had caused member Chanmi‘s depression, but she also rebuked more comments.

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Netizen had supported the AOA members and blamed Mina for causing them to fall out of favor with the public. They also claimed that the members were unable to release any proper statement and had just been portrayed as what Mina wrote one-sidedly. They also asked Mina to talk about why she forgave her sexual assault perpetrator but not the members.

Mina first addressed the issue of forgiveness.

Yes, I’ve had my experiences with sexual assaults, random violent acts of hate, beatings, fights, curse outs, power trips, and so many other nonsense. You asked me why I can forgive the sexual predators who assaulted me but not Shin Jimin, right? That’s how horrendous she had been to me, don’t you get it? She put me through a decade of psychiatric meds and self-harm, suicide attempts, sleepless nights covered in my own tears. She is the reason. And thanks to her, the past two years have been quite eventful for me too — yes, even though it has been ten years. I’m telling you again and again, you don’t know unless you’ve been in these shoes.

Why do you keep calling me the perpetrator? Have I ever beat her up? Have I criticized her on the daily? Have I mocked her every day? Please learn to differentiate between the perpetrator and the victim. Yes, the apology if the most important thing. And I know she won’t give me one, to be honest. That’s why I want to sit down with her one on one. We might talk it out, or maybe we’ll battle it out. Whatever it be, I seriously want to spend some time with her alone. And what about defamation lawsuits? At which point did I defame her? I didn’t tell a single lie. You know what, if you’re rich enough to afford a lawsuit, go right ahead. I’m not going to sit around and watch you. Suing a victim for defamation, LOL.

— Kwon Mina

Mina also discussed netizens who accused her of trying to bring down AOA due to jealousy.

Also, about Queendom, I guess the show brought in some views, huh? You think I’m doing this because I’m jealous? No… I know how much money she has been making. And like I said over and over again, I’ve been working since I was 14 years old. I’ve been working even when I was on hiatus. So I have nothing to be jealous about.So why do you all keep saying this is unfair for Shin Jimin? She got mad at me for no reason. She was selfish and got everything as she wished. She was hypocritical and did whatever she wanted to do while restricting the rest of us. She was inconsiderate to use the dorm like her own place regardless of who was sleeping or not. She was a horrible person and she bullied me so much. Shouldn’t I be the one feeling like the world is unfair?

A lot of malicious comments had been left under the article about my father’s death. So I do think these online haters are pathetic beings who are out of their minds. Maybe they don’t know how to relieve stress or whatever.But as far as Shin Jimin is involved, I’m sorry but I cannot overlook being gaslit as the perpetrator in this. I may not be able to respond to every incorrect comment being made, but I really can’t let the lies keep spreading. I never asked any of you to feel sorry for me. I never asked for condolences. I don’t need you to support me. I’m just asking you to see clearly who is the perpetrator and who is the victim in this situation.

— Kwon Mina

Lastly, Mina addressed her pain and status, as well as how she is unable to get in touch with Jimin.

Which one of you have been living locked up in traumatic memories for the past ten years? Which one of you have suffered sleeplessness, a complete lack of motivation to do anything? Which one of you hear things? Have nightmares? Take dozens of pills? Cry to sleep, drunk? Pass out and forget what happened? Put the loved ones through hell? Which one of you question why you’re alive? Which one of you have tried to survive the desire to stab yourself everywhere? Because I’ve been living like that for a while now. You think I’m over it and that I’m moving on because I share some pictures of myself smiling. Don’t kid yourself. I would love to forget and I would love to be happy too. So I’m trying, there isn’t a thing I have not tried to let go. And this is the result. This is where I’m at.

Wouldn’t you say, at this point, what Shin Jimin did to me is pretty much unforgivable? Of course I tried getting in touch with her. But I think she changed her number or something because I can’t reach her. The sexual assault and rape? The violent beat-up? No… I could have been stabbed in the stomach and I would still say the trauma which Shin Jimin caused me is worse for me. A decade is not a short time. Please don’t think lightly of the time I endured.

And to those of you who think the members were nice to have comforted me? Please, you can’t possibly think they were sincere. They were being pretentious, and I’m being generous because I don’t want to be vulgar. Their concerns did not feel authentic to me. They did what they did because they needed me to renew my contract. The more members the group loses, the more money the group loses. I mean, I heard later on that they considered me no more than a business partner. That’s fine. But can you please think about how devastated I must have felt to let you all turn your backs on me, by spilling out all of my feelings here? You will never know unless you too have been through it or you have watched me go through it.

— Kwon Mina

FNC Entertainment, nor the AOA members or Shin Jimin have addressed her posts so far.

Former AOA's Mina vs. Jimin's Bullying Allegations

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