OMEGA X Cancel Upcoming Schedule — Fans Are Frustrated By Spire Entertainment’s Lack Of A Statement

Fans are demanding answers.

OMEGA X have a weekly scheduled NAVER VIBE‘s “Party Room” every Thursday since September 8. Every week some of the group’s members talk about different topics that all tie into the theme of “comfort.” They also spend part of the time interacting with fans live, creating a weekly event that fans can look forward to.

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Recently OMEGA X were on their OMEGA X 2022 NORTH AMERICA TOUR [CONNECT :Don’t give up] tour which was fraught with numerous difficulties.

Fans had also voiced concerns when the normally active group seemed to have received a social media ban after a concerning post from Hwichan.

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Even more alarmingly, an audio recording surfaced, suggesting that the CEO of Spire Entertainment was abusing the members of OMEGA X. Although The CEO, Kang Seong Hee, denied the allegations in an exclusive phone call with SBS News, SBS News also released video evidence of the CEO’s abuse.

Other netizens have also come forward with more instances where they witnessed the CEO interacting with the group and even with actresses during a drama filming. Still, CEO Kang continues to deny any of the allegations through her social media.

Fans, friends, and even influencers who have worked with OMEGA X are all coming forward to show support for the group.

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Fortunately, despite OMEGA X having been left in North America after their tour, and after the video had surfaced, and being forced to buy their own plane tickets home, the members arrived in South Korea safely on October 25. Still, netizens were voicing their concern, wondering what would happen to the group.

On the same day, despite the assumed social media ban, a picture of OMEGA X’s Sebin was posted, albeit on an unexpected Twitter account. Many fans believe that Sebin himself uploaded the photo, wanting to reassure fans. Others suggest that if it wasn’t Sebin, it could have been SNUPER‘s leader, Taewoong showing support (Sebin is also a member of SNUPER).

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Now NAVER VIBE has informed fans that OMEGA X’s weekly “Party Room” will not be held tomorrow, October 27, although the post suggests that it will return the week after, November 3.

[#OMEGAX Charm to the ing to the Hot]
10/27(Thu) We will be taking a break this week.
FORX, let’s meet next Thursday 11/3(Thu)#NaverVibe #VIBEPartyRoom

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Notably, even during OMEGA X’s world tour, the members still kept up with their weekly schedule.

Fans are not surprised by the announcement, given the situation, but they are continuing to share their worry for the members and are demanding a statement from Spire Entertainment.

Some fans are even accusing Spire Entertainment of trying to sweep the issue under the rug since the official OMEGA X Twitter account retweeted the announcement without addressing anything further.

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