Lee Nadine Spills On How Her Life Changed After “Single’s Inferno 2” And What She Hopes For Her Future

“… Especially now because of the show.”

Single’s Inferno 2 contestant Lee Nadine was the absolute fan favorite as viewers loved her visuals, intelligence, and adorable mannerisms.

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Although fans were rooting for Nadine to find love through the show,  even deeming some contestants “unworthy” of her, they were ultimately pleased when she left the island alone, especially since viewers felt like she deserved so much more.

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Since her time on the show, viewers have been curious about what Nadine has been up to, and some detective viewers suspect that she could have found an unexpected love interest. Nadine has kept fans updated by posting pictures of her time spent with other contestants and even directly addressing some viewers’ criticisms.

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Viewers especially love Nadine’s interactions with her sister, who is playfully clowning her on social media.

Nadine responding to her sister’s comment

In a recent interview, Nadine explained that she is receiving a lot more attention after appearing on the popular show.

… I don’t go out that often, especially now because of the show, but I think when I do go out, people notice me and ask me for photos. And I’m like, “Oh my god. I’m a nobody.” I appreciate all of them for going up to me and talking to me because I love to say hi to everybody. The amount of love and support was definitely overwhelming in a good way.

— Lee Nadine

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But she quickly clarifies that even though she runs a YouTube channel, which mainly provides insight into her daily life as a student and studying tips, the popularity she’s receiving won’t change her future goals.

Other than [greeting fans that approach her], I think my goals in life are the same. My life trajectory and career path isn’t going to change after the show. My passion in life lies in academia, medicine, and not necessarily being a celebrity or an influencer. I think my life goals are in a different direction.

— Lee Nadine

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Rather than capitalizing on becoming an influencer, Nadine’s “ultimate life goal” is still becoming a surgeon so she can help others.

My ultimate goal in life is to go to med school and then to become a surgeon.

— Lee Nadine

You can read more about how Nadine is pursuing her life goals here.

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