tvN’s “Day And Night” Responds To Netizens’ Demand For AOA’s Seolhyun To Be Kicked Off The Drama

Seolhyun is currently filming a drama in light of the bullying controversy sparked by Mina.

In light of former AOA member, Mina‘s claim that Seolhyun was a bystander when she was getting bullied by Jimin, Seolhyun has been getting a lot of hate from netizens, and at the same time, many have been demanding that she get kicked off her current drama, tvN‘s Day and Night.

According to a recent report by Sports Kyunghyang, Seolhyun is currently filming Day and Night, which is set to premiere in the second half of 2020.

Seolhyun is playing the character of a police officer who is known to obsess over investigations and not let anything stop her when it comes to solving a case.

But in one of Mina’s recent Instagram posts, she made the shocking claim,

I don’t want to leave in such an unfair way. Shin Jimin, Han Sung Ho, Kim Seolhyun, have a good life. These people are such trash that it can’t be described with words. They pushed a perfectly fine person to the brink of death. I’m going to die so I can harass you.

— Mina

As a result, netizens have been demanding that Seolhyun leave the drama, particularly because of the role she is playing.

  • The role of a just police officer? Maybe you should reflect upon yourself first.
  • I won’t watch a drama that stars a perpetrator.
  • If you have a conscience, you would leave the drama.

On the other hand, some netizens think kicking Seolhyun off of the drama is an overreaction.

  • How is this bad enough to make her leave the show?
  • She’s not even the culprit.
  • We don’t even know her side of the story yet.

Regarding this controversy, a person related to the drama expressed through the media that they plan to continue filming as scheduled.

We’ve progressed too much in the filming process. Unless Seolhyun asks to leave the drama herself, we will continue to film as scheduled.

— tvN’s Day and Night



Source: Dispatch

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