Netizens Applaud WJSN Yeoreum’s Clever Way Of Avoiding Mnet’s “Evil Editing” On “Queendom Puzzle”

“She knows all of Mnet’s tricks…”

Mnet‘s newest survival show Queendom Puzzle will begin airing on June 13. And fans have already been given many previews of the contestants, including four performances that showed off the 26 contestants, who are all active girl group idols.

“Queendom Puzzle” | Mnet

Similarly, Mnet also released a teaser for the series, which was met with extremely mixed reactions. While fans were mostly excited about the show…

Fans criticized Mnet’s “evil editing” of soloist Lee Chaeyeon and exclusion of LABOUM‘s Haein, who had pulled out of the show before the teaser was released.

Of course, “evil editing” is a familiar concept with Mnet’s shows, where the purposely cut and edited footage and audio create drama for audiences to watch, even if that drama is not reflexive of what actually occurred during filming.

And now Mnet has released a preview of the first episode, which shows the contestants performing solo stages while the other contestants vote “up” or “down” on their performance.

AOA’s Do Hwa performing her solo stage | Mnet K-POP/YouTube 
Contestants starting to vote for Do Hwa’s stage | Mnet K-POP/YouTube 

Of course, fans weren’t surprised to see the evil editing already taking place in the preview.

But they did notice WJSN (also known as Cosmic Girls) Yeoreum‘s way of strategically avoiding evil editing.

WJSN’s Yeoreum voting | Mnet K-POP/YouTube 

As Yeoreum won Queendom 2 with WJSN, she is familiar with Mnet’s editing style. During Queendom 2 she even had an “evilly edited” exchange with VIVIZ‘s SinB, which some netizens believe was staged as a joke between the two idols.

Fans believe Yeoreum’s experience with Mnet’s editing inspired her to cleverly hide her votes with cloth from her outfit.

You can read more about Queendom Puzzle here.

Fans And Netizens Slam Mnet Over “Queendom Puzzle” Ranking System

Source: Mnet K-POP

Queendom Puzzle

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