Woori Actors Addresses Chat Room Created By Former AOA Member Kwon Mina’s Impersonator

Someone tried to impersonate Kwon Mina.

It’s been revealed that former AOA member, Kwon Mina suffered online harm by an impersonator who pretended to be the actress herself.

Woori Actors took to their Instagram account to address the chatroom matter that was raised by an informant.

| @we_act/Instagram

The agency stated,

Today, we received a report that our actress, Kwon Mina made a chatroom and chatted with fans.

— Woori Actors

However, the agency clarified,

But this is not true. It’s been confirmed that someone impersonated Kwon Mina.

— Woori Actors

Furthermore, Woori Actors stressed,

Kwon Mina won’t be making a chatroom in the future either, so please don’t be confused.

— Woori Actors

The chatroom in question is predicted to be the Kakao Talk chatroom that became a topic of controversy when a netizen claiming to be Kwon Mina mentioned the name of another AOA member.

Woori Actors also revealed that they filed a lawsuit against malicious commenters.

Kwon Mina withdrew from AOA in May of last year, and last month, she exposed fellow member, Jimin for bullying her.

Jimin apologized for the matter and withdrew from AOA shortly afterward.

Source: Dispatch

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