Posts Regarding Former AOA Jimin’s Alleged Bullying Towards Choa Resurfaces

Many accounts of Jimin’s alleged bullying are coming to light.

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This article includes descriptions of suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

With former AOA members Mina and Jimin’s situation ending up in Jimin’s withdrawal from the group and the industry receiving much attention, accounts of Jimin’s bullying towards other members are also resurfacing online.

An online community board revealed that the members were to turn in their wallets and phones before practice and receive them after practice was over. According to the post, this happened before Choa was confirmed to be an AOA member. There were many times her wallet and phone were not there after practice and it was because Jimin had always hidden her belongings.

Jimin’s reasoning for hiding it was because she wanted Choa to play with her instead of going home. Choa responded by saying that, “I don’t like things like this, give it back to me.” Regardless of being adamant and serious about this, Jimin continued to hide her belongings.

This happened so many times that later Choa would just automatically say to Jimin, “Just give it to me” with her hands stretched out.

This video of Jimin impersonating Choa also resurfaced as more alleged bullying stories of Jimin began to gain light online.

Netizens who read the post were shocked at Jimin’s alleged bullying towards even the other members of the group.

Netizens also found that Choa currently follows all the members of the group including Mina except Jimin. This caused netizens to wonder whether or not Choa’s withdrawal from the group in 2017 was due to Jimin’s alleged bullying.

On July 3, Mina first uploaded a series of posts, revealing an AOA member bullied her to the point of extreme thoughts. Jimin responded to such allegations, but then Mina continued to share posts detailing what happened to her. She even revealed how her agency at the time, FNC Entertainment, did not take any corrective action. Early on the morning of July 4, she posted her final update on the situation, revealing Jimin apologized to her.

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Former AOA's Mina vs. Jimin's Bullying Allegations