16 K-Pop Idol Groups Who Debuted Through A Survival Audition Program

Survival audition programs are one of the most popular TV shows in Korea, and they often function as a gateway for many trainees to debut as an idol. Here are some of the idols who debuted through participating in a TV survival program. 1. BIGBANG – BIGBANG 2. Momoland – Finding Momoland 3. MONSTA X […]


18 Male Korean Stars Who Are Completely In Love With Yoona

Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona is known for her beauty, and like many of her fans, male idols can’t help but fall for her too. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. ALL 2PM MembersDuring 2PM‘s variety show, Idol Army Show on MBC, a couple of members of Girls’ Generation came out as guests. One of the segments required the guys […]

These Are The Only 2nd Generation Idol Groups Left

With groups like Girls’ Generation, Wonder Girls, 2NE1 and more closing the curtains, only a handful of 2nd generation K-Pop groups (debuted 2000-2010) continue on. Here is a list of the idol groups who are still active in the industry. 1. TVXQ! TVXQ! debuted back in December 2003 and has made history throughout their decade. After […]

Japanese Women Voted For The TOP 10 Cutest Maknaes Of K-Pop

Japanese magazine Japan’s Weekly Women’s Prime Magazine voted on their favorite K-Pop male maknaes  – here’s who made the list! 10. MYNAME Chaejin – 97 votes 10. BOYFRIEND Minwoo – 97 Votes 9. EXO Sehun – 99 Votes 8. INFINITE Sungjong – 115 Votes 7. Super Junior Kyuhyun – 155 Votes 6. CODE-V Taehoon – […]

Official Rankings Of K-Pop Boy Groups According To Brand Reputation

The monthly rankings from the Korean Business Research Institute recently released the male idol group brand reputation rankings for this month. 1. EXO 2. BTS 3. NU’EST 4. SEVENTEEN 5. BIGBANG 6. SHINHWA 7. BTOB 8. VIXX 9. WINNER 10. NCT 11. Highlight 12. INFINITE 13. B1A4 14. SECHKIES 15. BEAST 16. ASTRO 17. SHINee […]

9 Idol Groups Who Perfectly Parodied The Most Popular K-Dramas

What’s better than a K-Drama? Watching your favorite idols do their own take on them, of course. 1. WINNER – Reply 1988WINNER made a parody of hit drama Reply 1988 for their EXIT Tour in Seoul concert last year. The drama which set in 1988 Seoul is the highest ever rated drama on Korean television, so it’s no wonder WINNER […]

15 Photos Of Idol Cats To Celebrate International Cat Day

Idols love and spoil their cats as much as the next person does. To celebrate National Cat Day, here’s a list of 15 idols with their furry friends! 1. Super Junior Heechul’s Hanjay Heebum 2. AOA Jimin’s Kkuleu 3. Wanna One Kang Daniel’s Rooney 4. Yongguk&Sihyun’s Yongguk’s Tolbi 5. Sulli’s Kittens Morae, Dooli, and Bleenie […]

The Best Gender-Swap Idol Covers That Every Fan Needs To Watch

Sometimes when idols perform covers sung by groups of the opposite gender, they can surprising pull off the concept just as much as the original. Here are 15 times when idol groups did gender-swap covers that blew fans away!1. TWICE – SEVENTEEN’s “Pretty U” 2. Super Junior, 2AM, 2PM, SHINee – Girls’ Generation’s “Gee” 3. J.Y Park, 2PM’s […]

7 Restaurants Popular Idols Visit At Least Once A Month

K-Pop idols love eating out at delicious restaurants just like anybody else. Here are the 7 restaurants K-Pop idols love to visit at least once a month! 1. G-Dragon – Samsung Wonjo Yang Gopchang (삼성원조양곱창) G-Dragon is a regular at the famous grill that specializes in pig and sheep small intestines. He was even spotted eating […]

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