Pledis Entertainment Took One Look At This Photo And Scouted Kyla Right Away

Korean-American Kyla Massie nabbed her chance to fame through her innocent looks.    She may have been recently shamed for her weight and looks but fans were reminded as to how she was cast in the first place.  When she joined the K-Pop industry, she was literally just a little kid but her charms blew […]

PRISTIN Kyla temporarily leaving group, staying in US due to poor health condition

Pledis Entertainment announced that PRISTIN‘s Kyla will not be participating in any promotions for the time being. According to their statement, Kyla’s health was diagnosed to be unfit for promotions when she visited the States to spend time with her family. Kyla will be taking a break to rest and plans to return to promoting […]

10 Female Idols Who Boldly Challenge K-Pop’s Beauty Standards

Underneath the glitz and glam of K-Pop hides a litany of beauty standards and behavioral expectations that becomes evident when idols come into the public eye who don’t fit its rigid standards. One of the most prominent, and arguably problematic, expectations is that all idols ought to be extremely petite. Idols like PRISTIN’s Kyla or […]

PRISTIN’s Kyla is always ignored at fanmeets, and fans are furious

PRISTIN’s Kyla was seemingly ignored during the groups recent fansign on September 10.  During her individual time to pose, video from the event shows fancams pointing their cameras toward the rest of the members to the side. Kyla takes the moment in stride, striking several cute poses and smiling away. She has been criticized […]

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