11 K-Pop Songs You Never Realized Were Totally NSFW

Some K-Pop song’s lyrics can get pretty explicit, here’s just a few that had fans going WHOA! 1. Hanhae (ft. Zico) – “Take It Off” The title of this song explains it all. The lyrics are all about what Hanhae (and Zico) want to do with a girl, and they get pretty naughty! 2. Mino […]


BTS’ RM Reveals J-Hopes Mixtape Is Even Better Than His

BTS‘s RM held a solo broadcast last night, reflecting on 2017 and talking 2018 plans with ARMY. He revealed that the members spent the first few hours of 2018 enjoying a few drinks and KBBQ until 4 or 5 in the morning. He then went on to talk all about his collaboration with Fall Out Boy […]


Meet MiniMonster, A Real-life Miniature RM

Ten-year-old Jacob Enano is going viral for his uncanny resemblance to BTS’s Rap Monster. He frequently cosplays as Rap Monster, making him his ultimate mini-me, and calls himself “MiniMonster”. The two look so similar that it wouldn’t be too difficult to believe that Jacob could be Rap Monster’s little brother. Jacob’s Instagram is full of […]


Korean Psychic Looks Into RM’s Future And His Name

A segment from K-Pop Prospects in 2016 featuring BTS’s RM is getting renewed attention. The part in question has resurfaced because a fortune teller on the show talked about the possibility of RM, then Rap Monster, changing his name! The fortune teller said that RM’s aura was cold, so his name should be about light, and said […]

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BTS Rap Monster Officially Changes His Stage Name

Rap Monster announced that he is officially changing his stage name from Rap Monster to RM. In a blog post in the official fan cafe of BTS, Rap Monster posted a lengthy post explaining why he wanted to change his name.  “When I was a trainee, I started calling myself Rap Monster because of a […]


12 Idols Whose Childhood Pictures Showed Exactly The Kind Of Person They’d Become

Who would have known that these cute babies would grow up to be the hottest leaders of K-Pop idol groups? 1. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon The leader of BIGBANG: Fashionista then, fashionista now. 2. TWICE’s Jihyo TWICE’s leader may have grown up, but she certainly hasn’t grown out of her cuteness! 3. Block B’s ZICO ZICO transformed […]


Rap Monster Reveals He is Afraid For BTS’s Future

Rap Monster revealed his fears for the future of BTS in a personal vlog uploaded to BTS’s Official YouTube channel.  He expressed his thoughts on their most recent tour and how he looks at the group’s ever-changing state.  “We live thinking ‘we’re going to be happy in the future’ until we die, but it seems like we’re […]

K-Pop Idol Rivalries And Beefs You Never Knew About

  Some idols have gone as far as creating diss tracks targeting their rivals. While such tracks do not explicitly name people, it’s become quite obvious who they are referring to through context. While diss tracks and rivalries might suggest bad blood between idols, this is not always the case. In fact, rivalries and beef […]

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