17 Reasons Why ATEEZ’s Captain Hongjoong Deserves The Whole World

He has so many wonderful qualities, it’s impossible to really compile them into one list.

To finish off a series of articles appreciating the individual members of ATEEZHongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, and Jongho — it’s time to give all of our love and respect to the group’s leader and captain, Hongjoong!

Not only is Hongjoong incredibly talented in a wide variety of fields, from singing and rapping, to dancing and producing music and playing instruments, and many more besides that, but he’s also just an incredible leader that has taken his role seriously and responsibly. He is extremely hard-working and determined, but also makes sure to take care of his members with respect and love, and it’s impossible not to admire him. Here are 17 reasons why Hongjoong deserves the whole world.

1. There’s literally nothing he can’t do.

2. ATEEZ’s music and career is so much more to him than just a job.

3. He never fails to let ATINYs know how much they mean to him.

4. He’s so selfless and hard-working, it’s beyond admirable and inspiring.

5. He puts so much time and effort into creating beautiful covers of other artists’ songs.

6. His laughter is precious.

7. Just look at this sweet, precious soul.

8. He’s extremely vocal in his advocacy for equality.

9. Even the other members can’t resist his charms!

10. His re-designed clothes are beautiful!

11. Who could not love someone so precious and adorable?

12. He’s always working to improve and better himself.

13. As amazing as he is as a leader, he’s still a soft adorable bean that can melt your heart.

14. It’s clear that he loves and cherishes each ATINY individually.

15. He always puts his entire being into every performance.

16. He’s a proud and vocal advocate for so many wonderful causes.

17. Wouldn’t you want to give the world to your best friend?


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