Here Are 10+ Of The Funniest BTS And “Squid Game” Crossover Memes

These have no right being this funny! 😂

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BTS and Netflix‘s K-Drama Squid Game are ruling right now. BTS dominates the music charts, while Squid Game has been No. 1 on Netflix worldwide since its release and has taken over our TikTok FYPs. So, naturally, we would combine our two favorite things and turn them into memes.

One scene from the triller, in particular, has inspired a lot of memes these days. After the second game in Squid Game, Player 119 steals a gun and threatens one of the pink guards to take off their mask, revealing “just a kid.” 

While this scene is actually somber, it has inspired many hilarious memes, especially among ARMY. So, here are 10+ of the funniest ones along with other Squid Game-inspired BTS memes…

1. RM’s worst nightmare

| @stillwithyoutan/Twitter

2. We read this in their voices

| @taesjinv/Twitter

3. He hates snakes

4. This moment plays in our heads on loop

| @tkcloudyy/Twitter

5. We’ll never get over the shark low-key trying to get a Jin meet n greet

| @cutetaeful/Twitter

6. The bestie vibes are strong with this one

| @illicitvk/Twitter

7. This is literally that one J-Hope live broadcast when he forgot he has a Sprite with him

8. BRB, crying

| @mhereonlyforbts/Twitter

9. Why are all these so wholesome too

| @kooksmaniac/Twitter

10. At this point, Jimin owns Twitter

| @kkukstudio/Twitter

11. Long live TATA Mic!

| @teteughh/Twitter

12. Literally hearing RM’s British accent right now

| @shut_upp_malfoy/Twitter

13. They need to cast BTS in Squid Game season 2 already

| @koobicuddless/Twitter

14. RM’s biggest fan: Jungkook

| @koobicuddless/Twitter

15. Who else thought of this during Run BTS!?

| @koobicuddless/Twitter


| @koobicuddless/Twitter

17. The return of Taechwita!

| @koobicuddless/Twitter

18. Honestly, us every time we see Jungkook

| @koobicuddless/Twitter

19. We love our maknae!

| @taetaebubble/Twitter

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