Every Single Nickname That Fans Call BTS’s Jin, And The Meaning Behind Them

From Worldwide Handsome to quokka, he has them all.

Over the years, BTS‘s Jin has amassed over a dozen of nicknames — all of them given to him with plenty of affection from his fans, ARMYs. Here are some of his most popular nicknames and the endearing meaning behind each one!

1. Worldwide Handsome

Worldwide Handsome is perhaps one of the most beloved and widely accepted nicknames that belong to Jin. He glowed in mega confidence when he introduced himself with this title at the 2017 BBMAs.

2. The Third Guy from the Left

The “Third Guy from the Left” also comes from the 2017 BBMAs, but this got coined by non-ARMYs who became blown away by Jin’s flawless visual for the very first time at the event. Other nicknames that derive from the world being curious about Jin include: The third guy from the right, the guy with the pink mic, and the plain black suit guy. This guy, really!

3. Matnae

Matnae (맏내) comes from Jin’s position as the oldest member in the group, but his personality that makes him feel like the youngest. The term matnae is a combination of the prefix mat- (맏) which means the oldest and the term maknae (막내) which means the youngest.

4. Mr. Shoulders / Dorito

Mr. Shoulders, or 어깨깡패 in Korean, comes from the fact that Jin has one of the biggest set of shoulders to have blessed the K-Pop scene. International ARMYs have their own version of this nickname — which is the Dorito, like the Doritos chip!

5. Quokka / Hamster

These furry friends nicknames come from Jin’s uncanny resemblance to the creatures — especially when he’s smiling and/or being 200% himself.

6. Eat Jin

Eat Jin comes from his excellent mukbang skills. As the name of his regular-irregular YouTube series, Eat Jin also highlights that he is a total foodie and loves stuffing his face with the nom-noms.

Source: Namu Wiki