Fans Praise aespa NingNing’s True Personality After She Is Allegedly “Disrespected” At The Airport

“People don’t deserve NingNing…”

The members of aespa returned to South Korea on October 18 after yet another iconic performance in Los Angeles. But as they made their way through the crowd of fans at the airport, netizens were upset to see that NingNing was seemingly disrespected by fans.

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Aespa’s recent trip to the US was incredibly eventful, gaining them attention from the moment they set out for their kind personalities and their flawless body proportions.

Their unreal visuals also earned them plenty of new fans in New York and in Los Angeles, where they performed at KAMP LA 2022. And in between all that, they still somehow made time to go see NCT 127‘s concert in Newark, where Karina had fans amused at her alleged reaction to Johnny‘s steamy solo stage.

Their return to Korea was considerably calm compared to other instances in which they got caught in the middle of massive airport mobs. Yet, while the members were given their space for the most part, MYs were still upset to see how NingNing was treated upon aespa’s arrival at Incheon Airport.

The members all received plenty of letters and gifts from MYs who went to see them.

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NingNing, however, barely received any. And yet she still did her best to collect letters to pass on to her members, showcasing her true thoughtful personality.

After NingNing passed a letter to Winter, fans pointed out that even Karina seemed to notice how NingNing had not received anything.

Even once they made it outside, while Winter, Giselle, and Karina were all laden with gifts and letters, NingNing still noticeably had none.

As unfair as that was, MYs online were even more upset to see that NingNing had actually tried to receive a letter from a fan to pass on to her members, only to be seemingly ignored or refused.

| Newsen/YouTube

It could very much be possible that the fan simply did not notice NingNing’s gesture amid the commotion (the situation can be pretty noisy and confusing, after all), and according some netizens, this seems to have been the case.

But MYs have still been angry at the alleged disrespect shown to her in general, especially given that she was also unfairly accused of being “rude” when she was in Paris for the Givenchy fashion show.

While NingNing already proved multiple times that she is a truly kind individual…

…her attempts to collect letters for her members are reminding MYs once again of the kind of person she really is.

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