Just Friends? There’s Still Hope For “Single’s Inferno 2” OTP Kim Se Jun And Lee So E

We still have hope for the Arabtofu couple.

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Our Single’s Inferno 2 OTP shocked us when Kim Se Jun implied he and Lee So E were just friends. Yet, that might not be the case…

Lee So E (left) and Kim Se Jun (right) | Netflix

Se Jun joined later in the series, but he became a fan favorite, and viewers especially loved his relationship with Lee So E. Their chemistry was undeniable, so everyone was rooting for them.


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It seemed like our ship was endgame as they left Inferno together…

The couple appeared to be going strong since the finale too. Se Jun updated his Instagram with sweet selfies, including So E, breaking his feed’s aesthetic. Some comments made by him and his friends seemed to indicate that he and So E were happily dating too.

| @asser__kim/Instagram

Please show a lot of love to So E~ She’s a very kind kid. Please give her lots of love.

— Kim Se Jun’s caption

Yet, the post has since been deleted.

That’s not all that concerned fans. In a live broadcast, one of Se Jun’s Ascottage coworkers and friends, Jay Lee (@mrleegent on Instagram), known as the “President of Arabtofu fanclub,” said that So E was “busy.”

Besides that, Se Jun briefly spoke about So E. They’re on good terms since he said, “I pretty her,” meaning he treats her well. Yet, he called her his dongsaeng (younger sibling) and proceeded to praise the entire Single’s Inferno 2 cast, implying they aren’t a couple.

So E is my treasured dongsaeng. I treat her well. Seriously. To be honest, all of the cast from Singles Inferno are very nice. They’re very kind and they’re all very pretty and handsome, so I hope everyone works out well…

— Kim Se Jun

| @asser__kim/Instagram

Still, other recent cast live broadcasts indicated that Se Jun still had non-platonic feelings…

Even more so, their most recent in-person interaction has fans really believing that something is still going on between them.

Couple Jo Yoong Jae and Choi Seo Eun recently held a fanmeeting and included a few of their co-stars. Se Jun even talked about So E and again referred to her as a dongsaeng.

So E is someone who I care about a lot… To be true and precise, we’re not in a relationship… We’re not dating but she’s a dongsaeng who I care and adore a lot.. but if someone said what I did [on the show] was fake, that is impossible. You already know this about me but I cant lie well. While on the show, all I could see was So E.

…We contact each other often. If So E is going through something difficult, she reaches out to me and we talk about it.

— Kim Se Jun

Yet, when she showed up at the event, his reaction was nothing like that of an older sibling. He got excited and even started hiding his face, just as he did during Single’s Inferno 2 whenever he was flustered around her.

Se Jun also reached out to her but quickly retreated his hand. It was as if he remembered not to do PDA.

Later, when the cast got together for a group photo, Se Jun reached out to So E again. This time, he put his hands on her waist, bringing her in for the shot. It looked like he wanted to pick her up so she could be seen better!

Fans can’t help but notice that despite what Se Jun said, his actions and eyes appear the same as before. So, they think they still love each other, but out of respect for So E’s acting career, they can’t be in a public relationship.

Check out more moments from Jo Yoong Jae and Choi Seo Eun’s fanmeeting below.

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