Are “Single’s Inferno 2” Couple Kim Se Jun And Lee So E Really No More? Fans Fear So After His Recent Live Broadcast

Lovers? Friends? Siblings?!

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Our Single’s Inferno 2 OTP might be no more.

Lee So E (left) and Kim Se Jun (right) | Netflix

While Kim Se Jun joined later in the series, he became an instant fan favorite, and viewers especially admired his relationship with Lee So E. They had undeniable chemistry and so many cute moments!


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We were all so happy when So E and Se Jun escaped Inferno together as a couple…

Since the finale, it appeared that our Arabtofu couple (fans’ nicknames for them) was going strong. He updated his Instagram with adorable selfies, including So E, breaking his feed’s aesthetic. Some comments made by him and his friends seemed to indicate that he and So E were happily dating too.

Please show a lot of love to So E~ She’s a very kind kid. Please give her lots of love.

— Kim Se Jun’s caption

So E and Se Jun might not have been publicly interacting as much as fans would like, but we were all hopeful for their relationship, especially with the cast’s recent live broadcasts.

Yet, Se Jun’s recent solo live broadcast has fans concerned that he and So E are no more…

One of Se Jun’s Ascottage coworkers and friends, Jay Lee (@mrleegent on Instagram), has become known as the “President of Arabtofu fanclub.” He was one of the first to update us with a photo of the couple.

From left: Se Jun, Jay Lee, and So E | @mrleegent/Instagram
| @mrleegent/Instagram

He also responded to many fans’ comments. So, he shipped them more than anyone.

| @mrleegent/Instagram
| @mrleegent/Instagram

But during Se Jun’s latest Instagram Live, Jay Lee told fans commenting that Se Jun doesn’t know where she is because she is “busy.”

Se Jun did mention So E during the Instagram Live, but the way he referred to her was surprising. They’re clearly still on very good terms as he said, “I pretty her,” meaning he treats her well. Yet, he called her his dongsaeng and proceeded to praise the entire Single’s Inferno 2 cast.

So E is my treasured dongsaeng. I treat her well. Seriously. To be honest, all of the cast from Singles Inferno are very nice. They’re very kind and they’re all very pretty and handsome, so I hope everyone works out well…

— Kim Se Jun

While women can use oppa (“older brother”) both platonically and romantically toward an older male, dongsaeng is never used romantically. It’s a gender-neutral term for a younger brother/sister and is usually used when talking about a younger sibling, acquaintance, friend, or underclassman.

| Urban Dictionary
BTS’s V (left) and J-Hope (right) | BIGHIT MUSIC

So, Single’s Inferno 2 fans are interpreting Se Jun’s recent statement about So E to mean they are “just friends.” Many are low-key disappointed…

Still, some remain hopeful since they are clearly on good terms. They believe that since So E is just beginning her acting career, they will get back together after she is more established.

Besides, recently, they both spoke positively about each other. Read more below.

“Single’s Inferno 2” OTP Kim Se Jun And Lee So E Respond To Fans Regarding Their Relationship

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