Fans Trend “We Stand With LOONA” To Show Support For The Members’ “Friendship And Bravery”

Fans are also boycotting BlockBerry Creative.

On November 25, BlockBerry Creative announced that Chuu had been kicked out of LOONA due to “verbal abuse and power-trip tendencies” directed at the staff. Almost immediately, many different staff members that have directly worked with Chuu shared their personal experiences working with the idol, clearly dismissing the idea that she had ever been anything but incredibly kind to them.

Chuu with fans

Although BlockBerry Creative’s sudden announcement surprised fans, netizens had been worried about Chuu’s position in LOONA for a while. Concern among fans started when it was rumored that Chuu filed a suspension of her exclusive contract with BlockBerry Creative in March of 2022.

From there, Chuu was noticeably absent in upcoming events for the group, such as the first-ever world tour, the Japanese single “LUMINOUS,” and even the mobile game SuperStar LOONA.

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Since her removal from the group, Chuu has updated her social media account to express her gratitude for her fans and reassure them that she has “not done anything to embarrass the fans.”

The members of LOONA have also been incredibly supportive of Chuu following the shocking news, with Hyunjin directly messaging fans despite their concerns, and Gowon and Heejin sharing their support during recent fan calls.

Chuu and Hyunjin | @loonatheworld/Twitter

Gowon and Heejin | @loonatheworld/Twitter

On November 28, BlockBerry Creative made another announcement, explaining that “the right to reveal the evidence [of Chuu’s alleged abuse] rests with Chuu and the abused staff member.” The company also expressed that “If (Chuu) would like to correct what was stated,” it is her responsibility, not the company’s.

Like BlockBerry Creative’s initial statement, the new statement was again met with backlash from netizens who suggested that it is proof “they don’t have any evidence” of the alleged abuse.

Later on November 28, BlockBerry Creative had to release another statement, denying rumors that LOONA, except Vivi and Hyunjin, were reportedly filing an injunction to suspend their exclusive contracts. According to the report from JTBC, the remaining nine members made the decision because of a lack of trust between the company and the group.

LOONA | @pastelsooya/Twitter

However, even though BlockBerry Creative denied the reports, stating that “They are not true,” netizens are hesitant to believe the response. In October, YTN reported that Chuu was setting up her own one-person agency, which BlockBerry Creative had also denied at the time.

While Vivi and Hyunjin were not reported to have filed an injunction, fans believe that it is temporary because Vivi uses a work visa, and it would take time to apply for a new one. Similarly, Hyunjin is currently one of the panelists for MBC‘s 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup Preview Show Catharsis, and fans are assuming the idol has to wait until the show is finished airing.

Although fans are heartbroken for Chuu and LOONA, exposing the continued mistreatment the members have suffered, including not receiving payment for their activities, they are rallying together to support the members for their actions.

Not only are fans insistent that LOONA is still twelve members…

But fans are proud of Chuu and LOONA for standing up for themselves and reportedly taking action against BlockBerry Creative’s mistreatment.

Fans themselves have also started “boycotting” BlockBerry Creative by refusing to stream LOONA’s work, buy their merchandise, or even play SuperStar LOONA. Although they want to support LOONA, fans argue that since BlockBerry Creative isn’t paying the members anyway, it will only help to show their disagreement with the company’s actions.

And with trending hashtags on Twitter, fans are also reassuring the group that they will always support them, no matter how the situation unfolds.

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