5 Times K-Pop Idols Got Asked Awkward Questions

Number 2 received a lot of negative reactions.

K-Pop idols are asked strange questions all the time, whether it be during an interview or a show, and this has led to some rather awkward moments. Here’s a list of a few times when K-Pop idols got asked awkward questions.

1. BLACKPINK’s Rosé getting asked if Yang Hyun Suk is her ideal type

Rosé once shared during an episode of Weekly Idol that Yang Hyun Suk is her ideal type.

However, when she was asked this question again during a radio show, she was quite flustered and gave a rather vague answer.

Later, Rosé was asked by the host who her ideal type was and Rosé shared that it was Gong Yoo and not Yang Hyun Suk.

2. Soyeon getting asked about (G)I-DLE’s popularity

In 2019, Soyeon was a guest on an episode of Radio Star and was asked by Kim Gura if (G)I-DLE was as popular as ITZY.

Are you on the same level as ITZY?

— Kim Gura

Despite the sudden question, Soyeon answered professionally.

Oh… but they won 1st place on a public broadcast music show. But we’re… uh… in the process of working towards it.

— Soyeon

Many netizens also criticized Kim Gura for asking this question, as they believed that it was rude of him to compare the two groups.

3. BTS’s RM getting asked dating questions

BTS gets asked dating questions all the time, and this was the case when they appeared on Ellen. During the show, Ellen asked RM if any of the members were dating anyone, and RM acted as if he didn’t hear the question. This didn’t stop Ellen, as she asked the question again. Thankfully, RM was able to change the topic of the conversation after he spoke about their previous Ellen appearance.

4. Kris Wu getting asked about EXO

In 2017, Kris Wu appeared on San Fransisco’s KYLD Wild 94.9 and spoke on his career in Korea, the U.S., and China. During the show, he was asked about his current relationship with the EXO members.

Do you talk to the guys at all anymore?

— Gabby Diaz

Kris Wu was a little surprised by the sudden comment and answered the question with a simple, “Yeah“.

Diaz: Or is that kind of just like a…

Wu: Yeah, yeah.

Diaz: We’re separate now, and it is what it is.

Wu: Yeah, yeah.


5. Jessica Jung getting asked about Tyler Kwon’s ex-girlfriend

In 2014, there were rumors that Jessica Jung and Tyler Kwon were dating, and during an interview, Jessica Jung was asked about Gillian Chung, Tyler Kwon’s ex-girlfriend. A local news reporter asked Jessica Jung, “Do you know Gillian Chung of TWINS?” and Jessica just simply shook her head with a smile and declined to answer the question. In 2016, Tyler Kwon and Jessica Jung confirmed their relationship.