“School 2017” Actress Song Yoo Jung Has Suddenly Passed Away

She was only 26. May she rest in peace.

ITZY’s Yuna Reveals What She Thinks Of Leader Yeji

Yeji also revealed the members who she believes “don’t fit” the leader role.

4 Stories About BTS’s RM That Will Break Your Heart

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EXO’s Lay Condemns The Entertainment Industry, Revealing He Would Never Let His Kids Become Idols

After what he’s seen, he doesn’t want his kids to be in the entertainment business.

BTS’s Suga Once Revealed How The Members Supported V When He Was In The K-Drama “Hwarang”

This will warm your heart!

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A Fan Told Jimin His Shirt Was Too Revealing… Then RM Walked In

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Open For A Surprise—Resurfaced Photo Of BTS’s V & SHINee’s Minho Hugging Has A Hilarious Hidden Shocker

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BTS Checked Each Other’s Abs On Set, Because Why Not

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Here Are 5 Main Dancers Whose Skills Are Recognized By Other Idols

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5 Star Idols-Turned-Actress Who Need To Make A Comeback On Stage ASAP

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Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung And Jung Kyung Ho Spent Their Holiday Date Watching Yoona’s Movie

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Suga’s Reaction To Jungkook’s See-Through Shirt Is ARMY’s Reaction Too

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