Woori Actors Addresses The Deactivation Of Former AOA Member Mina’s Instagram Account

“It was Mina’s decision.” — Woori Actors

Earlier today, it was revealed that former AOA member, Mina deactivated her Instagram account after sharing another self-harm post followed by an apology promising to focus on recovering her health.


And Mina’s current agency, Woori Actors addressed the deactivation of Mina’s Instagram account to News1.

The agency stated,

Kwon Mina deleted her Instagram account today. This was her decision. Upon being discharged, Kwon Mina is spending time with her mother and finding stability. The plan is for her to focus on her recovery rather than her activities.

— Woori Actors

Back in July, Mina exposed Jimin for bullying her which led to the withdrawal of Jimin from the group.

| @kvwowv/Instagram

And just one month later, Mina made the claim that all members of AOA were bystanders followed by a self-harm post that shocked her fans.

| @kvwowv/Instagram

But yesterday, Mina apologized for her behavior and shared that she resolved her issues with CEO Han Sung Ho of FNC Entertainment.

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Mina has been discharged from the hospital after treatment and is currently regaining stability.

Source: Dispatch

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