Angelababy Criticized After Being Seen Smoking Indoors
People are upset.
9 Of The Wildest J-Pop Choreographies On The Internet
What a time to be alive.
TFBoys’ Roy Wang Under Fire After Being Caught Smoking
The video has over 1 billion views.
This Vlogger Tried To Eat a Live Octopus, It Ended Up Latching Onto Her Skin
Don’t try to eat live octopi, kids.
This Mother Prepared Cartoon Lunchboxes For Her Daughter After She Learned She Was Being Bullied
The power of a mother’s love.
This Is What Happens When You’re The Only Female Student In The Entire School
280 male students gathered to celebrate one female classmate’s 19th birthday!
Married Couple Find Out They Were In The Same Picture 18-Years-Ago, Their Love Was Destiny
They took selfies at exactly the same time, but wouldn’t meet until 11 years later.
Korean Plastic Surgeon Completely Transforms And Saves A Thai Man’s Life
A Thai man’s life changed 180 degrees after receiving plastic surgery from Korea.   Let Me In Season 3, a program that transforms people’s lives by awarding them with plastic…
China Devises New Way Of Making Crosswalks Safer: Giant Sprinklers
If you try to jaywalk in Huangshi, you’ll be sprayed and shamed.
5-Year-Old Baby Saved His Mother’s Life With His Dying Breath
His final wish was to save his mother.
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