These Are The Top 25 “Kings Of K-Pop 2020”, Chosen By Fans

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Red Velvet’s Joy Receives Hateful Comments Online Following Irene’s Recent Controversy

They are spreading hate to other members.

Samsung Chairman Lee Kun Hee Has Just Died — Here’s Why It May Be Devastating To South Korea’s Economy

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SM Entertainment Teases “AESPA” On Twitter… And Fans Are Wild With Curiosity And Excitement

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4 Times RM Was “Done” Being BTS’s Leader

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Here Are 4 Of The Most Heartbreaking Stories Seen In K-Pop

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An Artist Re-Imagined BTS As Disney Princes, And They Look Like They Were Born To Be Royalty

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These 20 K-Pop Music Videos Have The Lowest Like To Dislike Percentage

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These 22 K-Pop Music Videos Have The Highest Like To Dislike Percentage

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Here’s The Amazing Story Of How V Became A Member Of BTS

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MAMAMOO’s Solar Took A DNA Test…And The Results Surprised Her

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BLACKPINK’s Lisa Wants To Give Rosé Some String As A Present, Here’s Why

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Reminiscing On Bae Suzy’s Time As A Former Girl Group Member

The original Bae.

A Fan Once Saw BTS’s Jungkook And Got So Excited That They Decided To Get Drunk

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SEVENTEEN’s Dino And Seungkwan Go At Each Other Only To Make Up With A Loving Hug

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IU Took An Online Quiz About Herself—But Even She Had A Hard Time Answering

It didn’t go as expected.

These Are The TOP 50 Most Popular Singers And Artists In Korea Right Now

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Super Junior’s Heechul Blasts A Hater On Instagram, Exposing The Nasty DMs He Received

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Director Of BLACKPINK’s Documentary Reveals What “Surprised” Her When Working With The Members

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BLACKPINK Jennie Reveals Why She Doesn’t Wear Jewelry In Her Daily Life

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5 Random Facts About TWICE’s Rap Queen Chaeyoung That Everyone Should Know

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NCT’s Sungchan Reveals Which Member Is His Favorite Hyung

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SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Picks The Top 3 Visuals Of The Team But Mingyu Begs To Differ

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BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Was So Good At Giving Pick-Up Lines, Her Members Couldn’t Handle It

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