ONCEs Plan Online Celebration In Recognition Of TWICE’s Fourth Debut Anniversary

ONCEs really know how to make TWICE feel special.

When TWICE debuted back in 2015 with their extended play album The Story Begins, which peaked at number three on Korea’s Gaon chart, no one could have predicted their enduring stratospheric rise in popularity.

Their meteoric rise to becoming the top-selling girl group in Korea, as shown in the video chart above, really emphasizes how quickly the girls were embraced by K-Pop fans since their debut.

Early on, they were predicted to lead JYP Entertainment on to more success in the future. They managed to overcome the second year jinx, with each album becoming more successful than the last. In 2017, they even beat BIGBANG on Music Bank, which surprised longtime K-pop fans.

TWICE has maintained their unrivaled success in Japan and have even received an award for their work spreading the Hallyu Wave to Japan and the US. They are K-Pop’s first platinum girl group, known as the gold standard for girl groups done right, their songs are even performed by other groups in concert.

In recognition of their upcoming debut anniversary, ONCEs have planned an online celebration for October 19 (which is October 20 in Korea, the actual day of their debut). To celebrate, they are asking fellow TWICE fans to use the hashtags #TWICEMakesMeFeelSpecial and #TWICE4EVER. With the power ONCEs have to make their favorite group go viral and break records, there’s no doubt that their four year anniversary celebration will be a huge success!

The girls of TWICE will definitely feel special when they see what ONCEs have planned for their anniversary.