5 Times BTS’s J-Hope Showed His True Personality: The Humble And Hardworking Role Model Everyone Needs

Only the most special people can do #4 like he can. 💜
BTS‘s J-Hope is kind-hearted, sympathetic, and is always proving why he’s a great role model for his beloved ARMY. Check out just a few of the inspiring things he does below!

1. J-Hope advocates for diverse groups of people from different backgrounds.

J-Hope shows his love for humanity through his music in songs like “= (Equal Sign).” In the song, he discusses how people who come from different countries, backgrounds, social statuses, ages, and more deserve to be treated equally.

J-Hope revealed he chose to sing the chorus in English to further embody his message of bridging cultures.

As you know, I’m not that good in English. But the reason why I sing in English is because even if I’m a Korean, I can still sing in English. And even if you aren’t good in Korean, someone who is good in English can sing in Korean. So I think we’re all equal when it comes to this.

— J-Hope

He stated the song can be considered a part 2 of his song “P.O.P. (Piece of Peace)” from his 2018 mixtape Hope World that discusses how he wants to be a source of strength for his fans.

I think of [“= (Equal Sign)”] as a part two of “P.O.P. (Piece of Peace).” I think it’s a song that really encapsulates what we need for that piece of peace.

— J-Hope

During J-Hope’s appearance on Park Sohyun’s radio show Love Game, J-Hope met an older ARMY over 60+ years old, as well as a male ARMY. Genuinely loving all of his fans and being thankful for their support regardless of which walk of life they come from, his fanbase is the true embodiment of “= (Equal Sign).”

J-Hope discussing anti-Asian hate crimes at the White House (2022) 

2. J-Hope’s actions as a philanthropist speak louder than words.

J-Hope’s philanthropy shows the positive impact he has on the world. He has shown support for various causes including Black Lives Matter, breast cancer awareness, safe sex advocacy, South African women’s financial independence, women’s education, environmental change, and youth violence and bullying.

J-Hope spoke about environmental change at the 2021 United Nations (Photo with Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed) | UN_Photo/Twitter

According to “Green Umbrella,” a charity foundation for children in Korea, J-Hope is a member of the “Green Noble Club” through his hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations over the years for children. Disabled Children and children in Tanzania, Africa who are currently victims of child abuse and violence among many more. He has also donated to disabled childrenunderprivileged children who were affected by COVID-19, and those affected by the recent floods in Korea.

J-Hope speaking for Korea’s Youth Day (2020)

3. J-Hope treats everyone he encounters with humility, respect, and gratitude.

From acquaintances to staff members, everyone who meets J-Hope knows his true kind-hearted personality and noble work ethic. Staff who encounter J-Hope rave about his polite demeanor and his hardworking nature.

J-Hope is polite from head to toe. He’s super friendly too, so he calls the staff his “hyung-nims” and gets along with them well. He’s a smart guy who is super quick and keen to catch things. The longer you know J-Hope, the more you can feel his manly side.

— BTS World App Developer

J-Hope gives thoughtful advice to trainees (2020)

“Even with BTS at the height of their fame, he really had a great personality. He must’ve been tired, but I was impressed with his overflowing energy until the very end, greeting each and every person,” a staff member once recalled about meeting J-Hope during the intensive “Daydream” music video filming.

J-Hope worked hard until the end of the “Daydream” MV shooting (2018) 

Even during J-Hope’s short time spent on IU‘s Palette, he left an impact with all of his kind gestures (even after his appearance, too). He respectfully wanted to do his best not only for himself, but also for the show.

It’s not just any show so I thought I should show some attention and take my time to make a really good performance.

— J-Hope

J-Hope is the only guest on Palette who rehearsed his performance (2022)

Whether he’s appearing on a show or collaborating with an artist, J-Hope always prepares beforehand. When appearing on Kim Eana‘s radio show Starry Night, he amazed her with his thoughtful personality by researching and choosing a song she had worked on out of every song he could have picked.

J-Hope was full of compliments for Kim Eana’s work (2022)

Additionally, he always gives credit where credit is due, like when he created “Chicken Noodle Soup” featuring Becky G. With the goal of uniting cultures through their passion for dance, he paid the song’s original artist Bianca Bonnie $2.7M USD for the rights and released his own version for free.

4. J-Hope’s best quality, according to himself, is the way he embraces and accepts others.

J-Hope told WKorea that one of his best qualities is something his parents taught him: How to accept others.

Embracing. I know I can be embracing. I believe my parents played a huge role in this. I know how to accept. I like to listen rather than speak. If someone is to pour out their emotions on me, I can sit there and listen to them.

— J-Hope

BTS reveals J-Hope selflessly lets everyone speak before presenting his own ideas and stepping up as “the strongest guy.” (2019) 

J-Hope’s humble personality and respect for others allows him to listen to others and implement their advice and feedback. Due to his intuitive nature, he also easily understands the emotions of others and is sympathetic to those around him.

Whatever reaction and feedback you have on me, I would take it as an opportunity to grow and advance. And more, I am really good at reading people’s minds (giggle). So it puts me in a good position as a middle man in the group.

— J-Hope

J-Hope easily takes feedback from staff while creating products (2021)

5. The way J-Hope treats his loved ones speaks volumes.

Whether it’s his fellow BTS members or his own family members, J-Hope is constantly doing everything he can to help them and show his gratitude

J-Hope gives his medal to RM, who didn’t win one, without a second thought (2015)

Even fellow friends and celebrities know how inspiring and genuine J-Hope’s true personality is. He stops and thinks deeply about various subjects that may cause misunderstandings among friends and deals with them in a very mature and sympathetic way.

RM shares the behind story of J-Hope’s song “MAMA” dedicated to his mom (2016)

It’s easy to see a true person’s nature through how they treat animals — like when J-Hope brought a wounded stray kitten he found to the hospital and paid the bills, shared causes to help animals with fans, and accidentally revealed an app he has to help locate stray animals.

J-Hope and his family rescued his dog Mickey when they found him abandoned at a gas station.

J-Hope treats others with respect, works with integrity, and always does his part to leave a positive influence on the world. 💜

| @MINIHOPE1994/Twitter

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