Netizens Have Mixed Reactions To BLACKPINK’s “Pink Venom” Outfits
Some believe it’s too revealing and impractical.
Teacher In India Threatens To Abuse Student Over BTS, ARMYs Enraged
The situation could have been handled much better.
TXT’s Soobin And Beomgyu Have The Funniest Reaction To Finding Out The Age Of NewJeans’ Maknae Hyein
They were both shook AF!
Fans of ATEEZ Defend Minjae And Junmin Of KQ Fellaz 2 From Negative Comments After Their Official Introduction By KQ Entertainment
“I hope they get lots of motivation from their hyungs!”
Chungha Seemingly Calls Out Her Company MNH Entertainment During Recent Live Broadcast
Netizens think Chungha deserves better treatment!

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BTS And ARMY Prove Their Power As Rolling Stone Magazine Changes Its Publication Date Just For Jungkook’s Birthday
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ITZY’s Ryujin Stuns With Her Flawless Visuals And Toned Physique As She Flies To Los Angeles For “KCON 2022”
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Korean Netizens Are Gushing Over This Cast Member From The Gay Romance Reality Show, “His Love”
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GOT7’s BamBam Can’t Handle Jay B’s Cuteness On TikTok
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6 Female Idols Born In 2004 Who Are Being Praised For Their Gorgeous Visuals
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“Twenty Five, Twenty One” Star Choi Hyun Wook Spotted At A Club In South Korea — Netizens Have Mixed Reactions
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MAMAMOO’s Solar And NewJeans’ Minji Wore The Same Dress But Served Totally Different Vibes
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SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Is So Handsome, The Security Guard Was Ready To Carry Him
The bodyguard couldn’t help but offer a hand.
Red Velvet’s Seulgi Slays at Kino from PENTAGON’s #POSE_Challenge
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Girls’ Generation’s Yoona Has The Most Dramatic Reaction When Sunny Fails To Recognize Her Hollywood Fave Timothée Chalamet
The members are actually all fans of him!