SHINee’s Minho Lovingly Explains To A Little Girl Why The Group Has 4 Members

They are so good with kids.

Korea’s First Transgender Soldier Found Dead In Her Home

She was just 22. May she rest in peace.

5 Misconceptions About Wonho That People Still Believe

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Hwang In Yeop Reveals What He Would Have Done Differently From His “True Beauty” Character

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Apink’s Eunji Shows How She Loses Weight To Get Her Fit Hour Glass Figure

She’s body goals!

Quick News

G-Dragon Makes His First Instagram Post In More Than Two Weeks

He uploaded three pictures advertising some Chanel accessories.

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ITZY’s Yeji And Lia Reveal Why They Weren’t Close During Their Trainee Days

“It wasn’t that bad!”

Actor Ji Soo Further Accused By Two More Netizens Of School Bullying And Sexual Harassment

More netizens came out to accuse Ji Soo of school bullying.

TWICE’s Jihyo Tricks Fans And Calls Them “Dummies” For Falling For It

She called ONCEs dummies not once but twice. 🤡

TWICE’s Momo Names One Thing She Has Never Worn As A TWICE Member Before

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5 Times that ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo Made Our Heart Melt

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MONSTA X Cancel In-Person Fan Concert, Will Hold The Event Entirely Online

The event will carry on online as scheduled.

Actor Ji Soo Accused Of School Violence And Bullying, Agency Is Looking Into Accusations

He was even accused of shooting classmates with BB guns.

These Are The 20 Fan-Favorite 2021 K-Pop Music Videos Of 2021 So Far

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10 Amazing K-Dramas You Probably Didn’t Know Were Directed By Women

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A Male Idol Is Gaining Attention For His Beautiful Calligraphy Works … And His Visuals

Talented and handsome.

KeyEast Releases Statement Regarding Actor Ji Soo’s School Violence And Bullying Accusations

They have shared their statement.

Drama “Penthouse” Kim So Yeon’s Real Life Husband Visited Her On Set And She Became The Cutest Person Ever

She’s so different from her character Cheon Seo Jin!

Former APRIL Member Lee Hyunjoo’s Brother Refutes DSP Media’s Explanations Regarding Alleged Bullying Case

He also provided Hyunjoo’s medical report.

FNC Entertainment’s New Subsidiary FNC Investment Secures Rights To Songs By Taeyeon, EXO-CBX, Davichi, And More

They now have copyrights to songs from other agencies.

DSP Media Announces They Will Take Legal Action Against Former APRIL Member Lee Hyunjoo

They will be taking legal action against her and her family.

Here’s A Look At How Lines Were Distributed (Very Evenly) For The Top 15 K-Pop Songs Of February

Nearly all of them were distributed quite fairly!