Civil Complaints Filed Against Public Advertisements For BLACKPINK Jisoo’s “Snowdrop” Causes Them To Be Taken Down

The advertisements were taken down.

BTS’s V And Suga Both Posted Selfies Within Seconds Of Each Other, And Here’s Why It’s Definitely Fate

7 is definitely the magic number!

Here Are The Top 8 K-Pop Idols Who Are Deemed As True “All Rounders,” According To Netizens

They can sing, dance, and rap… #unfair!

BTS V’s Brought Back His Iconic “TATA Mic” Face During “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE,” But His Members Also Got In On The Fun

Everyone loves this iconic meme!

ARMY And Six Flags Hope That BTS’s Jin Makes A Comeback To The Park

ARMYs are hoping for a chance to meet him!

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Industry Insiders Explain The Reason Behind Song Ji Hyo’s Shortcut Transformation

It’s really quite simple.

Gong Yoo Opens His Official Instagram Account, And Netizens Can’t Get Over His “Squid Game” Inspired First Post

It also radiated dad vibes!

BTS’s Jin Wants To Take J-Hope On A Specific Type Of Trip So Badly That He Wants HYBE To Build A Resort For Them

JinHit Entertainment strikes again!

BTS V’s Holiday Wish Has Already Come True…Even Though The Holiday Season Just Started

He’s a master manifester!

HYBE Issues Warning Against Illegal Filming Of BTS’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” Los Angeles

Keep your phones in your bag!

Here’s The Exact Moment BTS’s Jungkook Stopped Believing In Santa Claus As A Child

Santa reading this: 😢

NCT DREAM Jeno’s Name Is Allegedly Being Illegally Used In TV Adaptation Of NCT Fan Fiction Novel, Here’s What Netizens Have To Say

“He is a real person…”

These Are The 25 Most Subscribed K-Pop Artists Ever On YouTube

How many are you subscribed to?

IVE Has Finally Debuted And Here Are Their Goals As A Group, According to Liz

They’re definitely a group to watch out for!

BTS Jimin’s New Nickname For Him And Jungkook Had The Maknae Line Cracking Up

ARMY already love the nickname!

10+ Times BLACKPINK’s Jennie Was A Sun-Kissed Goddess And We Couldn’t Look Away

#6 went viral.

A Fan’s Slight Dear U. Bubble Mishap With NCT’s Jaehyun Will Have You Laughing

Unfortunate, but funny.

Here’s The Time That BTS’s V Is The “Worst” To Be Around, According To Jimin And Jungkook

They radiate true sibling energy! 😂

Song Hye Kyo And Jun Ji Hyun Break Records With Their ₩200 Million KRW Per Episode Appearance Fees

The power that these two women hold.

These Are The TOP 50 “Hot K-Pop Idols Of 2021”, Based On Millions Of Fan Votes

Did your favorite make the top of the list?

BTS’s Jin Made A New Friend At Six Flags, And The Man Might Not Be Who He Claims To Be

He never meets a stranger!

MrBeast’s “Squid Game” Sparks Heated Debates Between Fans, Creators, And Critics

The reactions are mixed, to say the least.

Netizens Mesmerized As BLACKPINK’s Jennie Exudes Classic Hollywood Vibes In Latest Instagram Posts

She looks “Red Carpet” ready!

From Maknae To Leader—Here’s What IVE’s Yujin Thinks About This Change In Her Position

Here’s what she thinks about being the leader of IVE!